Italy’s Best Mattress Is Proving Extremely Popular in Dubai

There has never been a more important time for people to focus on their health and well-being, and therefore never a better time to understand the impact of sleep on our lives. Good sleep is essential in helping the body regenerate, repair, and recover, which in turn strengthens the immune system to keep us healthy. One of the most effective ways to ensure a proper night’s sleep is to invest in the best mattress possible. Magniflex has been a global leader in the mattress industry for 60 years and is the premier mattress store in Dubai, with a goal of offering a rest that is supremely comfortable, improves the quality of life, and is in harmony with the environment.

During the past year when the world has sometimes been paralyzed by Covid-19, Magniflex has never wavered from our goals and used 2020 as an opportunity to innovate further with the introduction of the MagniProtect mattress. The MagniProtect range was the first sleep collection in the world with antiviral effectiveness specifically tested against COVID-19 and was launched with great success in Dubai in August 2020. Featuring the exclusive MagniProtect fabric, the MagniProtect mattress includes a combination of vesicle and silver technology that focuses on inhibiting the growth and persistence of bacteria and viruses in a few minutes. With the MagniProtect mattress, you can truly rest in a place where you feel safe. 

It is not the first time Magniflex has introduced a new and unique mattress, and it follows the huge success of the MagniStretch mattress in 2018. Designed in association with the University of Zaragoza in Spain, MagniStretch has the ability to gently stretch the spine during sleep and is the only orthopedic mattress in Dubai endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. The patented structure of the MagniStretch mattress reduces muscular contraction and decompression of the spine while preventing compacted vertebrae. Your body will feel rejuvenated thanks to an increased blood flow that revitalizes your discs and the improved postural habit helps to reduce neck and back pain. 

MagniProtect and MagniStretch are just two of the mattress models that have earned Magniflex reviews as the best mattress in Dubai, with customers feeling the benefit of a focus on spring-free mattresses across the Magniflex range. Many other mattresses contain springs, which can create upward pressure on the body causing discomfort and pain throughout the night. Rather than having to adapt to springs, Magniflex mattresses are designed to adapt to your body and keep it correctly positioned while you sleep. Springs can also lose their strength with use, which causes spring mattresses to lose their shape and reduce support over time, whereas Magniflex mattresses are made with high-quality foams that are designed to keep their shape for many years.

Source: Magniflex