It Works! Advises on Retail Preparedness and Staying Ahead of the Curve

The It Works! team continues to be thought leaders in the space as they tackle the challenges presented by the new-norm within the retail industry.

With the retail industry facing new challenges, ​It Works!, an international and award-winning independent distributor platform that specializes in health, wellness, and beauty products, has managed to stay ahead of the pandemic retail curve thanks to forward-thinking and a keen eye for innovation. By embracing the entrepreneurial spirit and adopting digitization trends at the forefront, the company now seeks to share insights with trade players.

It Works! is a digital-first company with established e-commerce, social media, and remote and flexible working structures. Part of its winning equation is rooted in its virtual business model that was light-years ahead of other retail businesses. The company has placed an emphasis on investing into employee wellness and development, and the team has made it a priority to engage with market-ready young professionals, especially millennials and Gen Z who have popularized the influencer and app culture and understand the value of networking by building personal communities and brands. 

An example of It Works! digitization is their early-adopted mobile app experience for independent distributors, a few years ahead of the industry. Now a necessity more than ever, It Works! recently added a sampling feature in early January 2020 to their mobile application, making it easier to connect with potential clients, contactless, for product sampling needs at the tap of a device.

Savvy planning also strategically positions It Works! for stability during unprecedented times of uncertainty. The company maintains a debt-free status and prioritizes the preservation of jobs as a result of their value of financial preparedness. It Works!, proud to not incur layoffs, but has actually continued to hire during the pandemic, emphasizes its dedication to its people as the heart and soul of the business.

As the work-from-home trend rises globally and remote businesses become more prevalent, It Works! will be ready to amplify their virtual efforts to keep pace with modern operational workflows. Part of this initiative was Pentecost founding a new OTT streaming platform, ImpactTV, (inspired by the challenges of the new working norm) for the It Works! team to host virtual events and have a place to find motivational and inspirational media.

“It Works! has always been ahead of its time in the industry. Thanks to its early adoption of digital trends like virtual connectivity, the company has been able to pivot and transition seamlessly in response to business changes this year,” said Mark Pentecost, founder of It Works! “We continue to seek the same kind of innovation into the future in order to get ahead of industry trends moving forward.”

What makes It Works! unique is the company’s close attention to  preparedness, planning, and business strategy. Thanks to the early-adoption in these areas and putting people and team values at the forefront of the organization, It Works! has been able to create systems to properly handle even the most unexpected situations.

About It Works!

It Works! is a Palmetto, Florida-based direct sales company that was founded in 2001, is known for its fat-burning Skinny Brew, a premium coffee. The company’s innovative product line includes nutrition, lifestyle, and beauty products, including collaborations from celebrities, such as the world-renowned Dr. Paul Nassif. It Works! has received countless awards and accolades. For five consecutive years, It Works! earned a spot on Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000’s list of “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.” In 2016, the company was ranked as a “Top 20 Fastest Growing Direct Sales Organization in North America” by DSN Magazine. Direct Selling News honored the company in 2017 and 2018 with its “Best Place to Work” award, and, in 2020, It Works! received Platinum Status by the Consumer-Centric Recognition Program that’s hosted by Direct Selling News. The company has expanded into 23 countries and currently has over 150,000 independent distributors worldwide, and maintains a debt-free status to date. With a strong brand culture founded in values of connection, friendship, fun, and freedom, It Works! continues to provide science-backed, real solutions for its community of entrepreneurs and consumers.

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Tiffany Kayar​

Source: It Works!