INSYNC 2021 Year in Review – Taking Digital Transformation to Another Level

Kolkata, India, January 15, 2022 –(– With the year 2021 coming to an end, INSYNC looks back into the milestones and successes they achieved over the last year. Even under the current pandemic, INSYNC continued to adapt and grow stronger.

INSYNC worked continuously to improve its integration solution and grew to 1250+ customers strong and has continued growing.

INSYNC also managed to achieve several other significant milestones throughout 2021, which includes:

1. Development of a new in-depth integration for SAP S/4 HANA, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Uniconta.

2. Enabled complete Digital Commerce solution through Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

3. Enhanced their cloud integration engine and achieved groundbreaking improvement for their ProcessFlow Designer.

Despite the looming fear of the pandemic, INSYNC was able to safeguard the company and its team members by balancing productivity and humanitarian aid. Amidst the challenging times, INSYNC took up the massive mantel of responsibility to vaccinate all team members and their families through a Covid Vaccination Drive while maintaining safety norms. The success of the drive not only helped in ensuring the healthy well-being of all team members but also alleviated the unfathomable fear and anxiety from hundreds of families.

INSYNC also extended its gratitude to its esteemed customers, partners, and associates. Despite the uncertainties of 2021, INSYNC was able to successfully employ its Business Continuity Plan and continued to provide top-notch delivery and perpetual growth for its customers and partners and managed to effortlessly maintain a Hybrid work model throughout the year. With the flexibility of the Hybrid work model, INSYNC succeeded in ensuring that their team stayed connected through work and play.

They were also able to successfully organize hybrid teams throughout the year such as Hackathon 2021, Blogathon, InSynchrony 2021, Synchrotron sessions, Team parties, and Departmental team lunches that brought the team together and reignited the energy within them. They also successfully introduced Workation for their employees wherein they can visit vacation destinations and work from there as well.

Being culturally connected, INSYNC celebrated various holidays and festivals like Women’s Day, Saraswati Puja, Durga Puja, and many more throughout the year.
Overcoming the challenges of 2021, INSYNC looks forward to the coming year with hope and growth together.

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