INNOVATRICS to Launch Seminal Tech Trust Conference for the Post-COVID World Alongside Intellectuals, Angels, Unicorns

The new lecture series ‘Identity Redefined: Rebuilding Trust in a Post-COVID Era’ will focus on the confluence of trust, technology, and economic growth in the modern world.

Today announces the launch of Biometric security firm Innovatrics’ latest conference TrustReport.Live, which will focus on digital identity in the post-Covid era. The online event will be held on Feb. 25 at 2 p.m. CET. Attendees can expect three hours filled with keynotes, interviews, expert insights, and experiences from real-world applications of technology, culminating in a panel discussion about the most urgent issues of the near future.

The event will be hosted by Greg Williams, a seasoned tech journalist and the editor-in-chief of Wired UK. The speakers will also be joined by Jan Lunter, co-founder and CEO of leading biometric provider, Innovatrics, the main partner of the conference.  

Rachel Botsman, the Oxford University’s first Trust Fellow and a world-renowned trust expert, will deliver a keynote lecture on trust and the role of technology in providing secure identity alongside Taavet Hinrikus from the fintech unicorn TransferWise, Blair Crawford from the Australian passwordless identity company Daltrey, Nigerian angel investor and activist Olayemi Keri from the business transformation firm Heckerbella, and Andy Smith from SITA, the largest provider of identification technology for the airline industry.

“While we are a tech company, our product is essentially human. In 16 years, we have identified over 1 billion people in 5 continents helping them to access services from accounts and loans to keeping public offices functioning during the pandemic,” Lunter explains.

“Trust is the currency of the new economy,” Botsman explains.

Among other things, the pandemic has boosted our online presence: We work, shop, and entertain ourselves on the world wide web more than ever. To feel truly comfortable in the digital space, we still need one thing – trust. The coronavirus outbreak has acted as a catalyst for adopting new technologies to safeguard identity and keep businesses afloat.

The partners include the Austrian Institute of Technology, the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies, and the Czech Technical University. Reserve your seats now to get updates on the roster of speakers.


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Source: Innovatrics