Industry Pioneers Team Up to Transform Multi-Billion Dollar Home Air Care and Fragrance Industry with Launch of Ventus® Home & Ventus Ion

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After living abroad where air quality had a huge impact on daily life, I set out to create smarter air care solutions that combine air purification with effective scent diffusion, utilizing fragrance oils that meet a higher standard for safety and sustainability.

NextScent, the only scent marketing company accepted as a U.S. Green Building Council Member, announced today the launch of their innovative Ventus Home and Ventus Ion whole-home air care solutions. These patent-pending systems purify the air and distribute natural fragrances with unmatched performance and safety.

Traditional home fragrance products are often a major contributor to indoor air pollution and are only capable of scenting a small area. Many use heat, flame, aerosols or messy oil and wax, which can damage furniture and floors. Candles can be dangerous and account for more than 7,600 home fires and 81 deaths annually.

Consumers can now experience pure air and enjoy pure scent throughout their home with these pet-friendly and kid-safe systems capable of scenting up to 1,500 square feet.

Ventus systems use dry-evaporative technology to release fragrance into a filtered air stream. Because the fragrance is in a true gaseous state, it remains airborne and can travel further throughout any space. The fan-based systems distribute the fragrances and proprietary software controls the output to ensure consistent performance throughout the life of each scent-filter cartridge.

Ventus scent-filter cartridges are rated to 240 hours and utilize an H13 True HEPA filter that’s 99.9% effective at removing airborne pollutants like dust, smoke, dander, mold, bacteria, and viruses. An organic substrate is infused with fragrance oils that are allergen and CMR-free and biodegradable. The cartridge body is made from bio-plastic so the entire cartridge is biodegradable.

This technology and other innovations are part of the strategy behind NextScent Inc. Industry veterans, David Amaral and Robert Blaylock, who co-founded NextScent Inc. to bring consumers solutions that are smarter, safer, more affordable and environmentally responsible. They are also working with leading fragrance suppliers to develop a collection of fragrances that are certified safe and biodegradable.

“For more than 16 years, I helped develop and deliver environmental scent solutions to some of the world’s largest hotel, retail and casino brands,” said David Amaral, creator of Ventus Home and Ventus Ion. “After living abroad where air quality had a huge impact on daily life, I set out to create smarter air care solutions that combine air purification with effective scent diffusion, utilizing fragrance oils that meet a higher standard for safety and sustainability.”

With its contemporary design and versatile placement options, the Ventus Home and Ventus Ion systems fit seamlessly in any home. The Ventus Ion incorporates an internal air quality sensor and high output plasma ionizer for indoor air quality monitoring and enhanced purification. These systems are easily controlled via the NextScent smart App as well Google Home and Alexa. This enables consumers to scent their homes when they want, and at their desired intensity. They can set system alerts for air quality changes, and reminders for ordering additional cartridges. Ventus Home and Ventus Ion are available in black or white models and are available for pre-order, by visiting

About David Amaral: Mr. Amaral was recruited from Muzak (Mood Media) in 2005 to join Charlotte-based ScentAir, then a Stage 2 startup. He was tasked with establishing and supporting the company’s international expansion as the Vice President of International. Within 5 years, Mr. Amaral developed a global network supporting clients in more than 109 countries. Throughout his 12-year tenure with ScentAir, he was instrumental in developing the brand scent programs for leading Hotel and Retail brands like Westin, Marriott, Shangri-La, Pandora Asia and Zara Home.

About Robert David Blaylock: Mr. Blaylock is NextScent’s Vice President of Operations. Prior to joining NextScent, he was the Sr. Director of Operations for ScentAir, which he joined in 2004. There, he was responsible for product development and technical operations. Mr. Blaylock developed and/or co-developed the majority of ScentAir’s delivery systems and is credited with three US Patents for scent delivery technologies.

About NextScent: NextScent, Inc., provides clients with innovative, safe and environmentally responsible scent solutions that are the most cost-effective in the industry. Privately held and headquartered in Fort Mill, SC., NextScent has established new health and safety standards for its US and European-based fragrances suppliers that far exceed current industry regulations to ensure NextScent clients the safest ambient scent solutions possible. NextScent is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and is committed to being environmentally respectful through the use of eco-friendly materials and by funding the cost to plant a tree for every system sold through its sponsorship of To learn more, visit

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