How Food Resources Economics Professionals Are Helping to Overcome COVID Impacts in the USA

In these uncertain times, navigating the challenges that have a lasting impact on multiple areas can be difficult. Whilethe world isresponding to COVID-19, there is a brand new group of professionals that are helping the country in many areas to overcome the pandemic crisis. The Food Resources Economics Specialist Agustin Adrian Demartiniexplains how this career ismore important than ever forcompanies to overcome the crisis in the U.S.

In the U.S. Agriculture sector, for example, their work has given new hope. While farmers and ranchers continue to work, ensuring the nation’s food security, there are Food Resources Economics professionalsto advise and help them to find a new direction to the agriculture sector in the U.S.

“As the virus makes its way through the U.S., those professionals are helping the American farmers to closely monitor the effects it will have on their specific markets and focus on potential improvements that can be made to food safety practices within their own operations,”explains the Food Resources Economics Specialist, Agustin Adrian Demartini. “A brand new area that isso important for America to overcome the pandemic crisis,”says.

Agustin explains that to avoid shortages of labor up to volatile agricultural commodity prices, the best thing a farmer can do now is to stay informed through the media with reliable sources about COVID- 19. They can also monitor work programs that will be implemented to alleviate the potential impact of coronavirus on U.S. farms.

“It’s highly recommended for farmers to review their current employee policies when it comes to food handling and ensure there are appropriate preventative safety measures in place for those who are coming in direct contact with crops and livestock,”recommends Agustin.

Industrial Manufacturing Solutions

The pandemic is already ushering in a host of challenges for the U.S. industrial manufacturers. About 80% of manufacturers expect to have a financial impact on their business, according to a recent survey of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). The sector, which employs some 13 a million workers in the U.S., is being hit hard during this outbreak.

Specialists in Food Resource Economics are also helping in this important economic sector. “Protecting the health of consumers and the workforce is the number one priority. For companies vulnerable to a viral outbreak in their ranks, this would be a critical time to explore a proactive deployment of automation technologies to decrease worker density operations,” says Agustin. “For this reason, we are helping companies across the country to find creative solutions and keep operating.”

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