Hip Optical Cut Through Highly Saturated Optical Glasses Market by Maximizing Its In-House Potential

2020 has intensified the competition in the retail industry and the optical glasses market is no exception. In response, Hip Optical sought answers from within and found its way to success.

Over seven months since the lock-down caused by COVID-19, American fashion eyewear company Hip Optical has recorded the doubling of sales – twice.

The secret behind Hip Optical’s outstanding performance against the backdrop of a suffering economy is within its walls: a self-reliant in-house team. This multi-functional team is dedicated to the Triple-C driving force of this trendy brand: customer care, content creation and product craftsmanship.

Michael Campbell, one of the founders of Hip Optical, said, “Our in-house team is the ultimate driving machine of Hip Optical. It gave us the confidence and faith to direct all our resources internally instead of the old ‘pay-and-pray method,’ which means paying external agencies and praying that they can get the work done in the right way.”

In uncertain times, nothing speaks louder than care. By expanding its customer care team, Hip Optical evolved into a sleepless brand that hears, answers and cares for customers 24/7. 

Hip Optical’s in-house studio is a newly renovated spacious hub that is capable of fashion photography, video shooting, installation building and live streaming. The studio is right next to the office where ideas get generated every day. Great content has been helping this digitally agile brand engage with fans on Instagram and Facebook. 

Product craftsmanship is another part of Hip Optical Triple-C power. Online glasses brands often try to outdo each other with the trendiest offerings but Hip Optical wants to be “the future of eyewear” by blending patented innovations and original design into its glasses. 

No corner is cut on any pair of Hip Optical glasses. The frames are all crafted from hand-polished acetate and made flexible with spring-loaded stainless steel hinges. Every prescription lens has 100% UV protection, a lightweight comfortable feel, and scratch and impact resistance. All lenses are crafted in America.

Michael concluded: “What people said about us in the past few months led me to believe that we absolutely made the right choice by investing in our team. I’m incredibly proud of my colleagues; they’re the tried-and-tested creators of content, guardians of customer experience and masterminds of superb products. We’re lucky to have such a dream team here at Hip Optical.”

Hip Optical blends the world of fashion and prescription eyeglasses with luxury quality at prices that don’t break the bank. All eyeglasses are US $95 including made-in-America prescription lenses. Every order comes with 24/7 customer service, free USA shipping and buy-one-donate-one charity. Learn more at https://www.hipoptical.com.

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