Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts to Host Open House

Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts to host an official open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony for a newly-built Simulation Learning Center, Tues., May 25 at 11 AM at the school’s Fresno (Calif.) Campus.

Constructed amid the pandemic, completed May 1, the 5,000-square-foot center features leading interactive healthcare equipment, patient simulators, high-fidelity mannequins, a centralized command center, a didactic lecture facility, and offices. The newly constructed space will afford students and practitioners the ability to practice skills without potential risks to patients.

Bridging healthcare initiatives, training stations like these are being used more frequently within academic settings. Simulated labs provide virtual and in-person experiences, self-paced learning environments, and realistic yet adaptive clinicals, with patient-centric curriculum deliveries ranging from live birthing to burn victims or surgery. Anatomically equipped to the specific body area to be studied, patient simulators can range from simple static models to highly technical and can be fully automated—i.e., delivering a baby with differing configurations. Students and teachers no longer have to wait to observe a real-life heart attack; instead, a clinical can be simulated asynchronously matching academic coursework, precisely by textbook, chapter, and class period.

The lab was built in cooperation with Education Management Solutions (EMS), a pioneer in simulation-based solutions for healthcare training environments, and Gaumard, a Florida-based entity providing simulation resources and innovative products for classrooms and training solutions.

“One of the most important aspects of healthcare learning is the hands-on component,” said Burke Malin, the school’s Chief Operating Officer. “Over the past number of years, we’ve been enhancing lab environments and other simulation tools to augment the overall curriculum in multiple programs. Giving our programs an ability to simulate use across different programs and coordinating the education to look and feel like the realities experienced in a dynamic hospital or outpatient environment is critical to preparing all our students for real-life, healthcare environments.”

Karen Hobson, Fresno Campus director, echoes this, “The simulation learning center developed as a shared vision within the campus community. Students who have an opportunity to learn in a realistic environment will experience a higher level of knowledge transfer and will be supported as they practice relevant skills.”

“[This] is going to open the door for collaboration with other members of the interdisciplinary team,” said Shelvia Salvano, Simulation Manager and BSN Assistant Program director. “It will allow the students to learn how to communicate and collaborate with the allied health members.”

Samantha Manlosa Sanchez, dean of nursing, agrees. “[It] opens the door to community partnerships, multidisciplinary teams collaboration, and an affirmation of the academic institution’s mission of delivering high-quality instructions in nursing and allied health programs.” 

“Attend” the ceremony here, (Festivities will include a campus tour and virtually simulated birth.)

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Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a private, post-secondary educational institution operating six campuses across California. Gurnick Academy offers allied health, nursing, and medical imaging programs.

Source: Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts