GRG Announces Partnership with BPB Medica

The Global Regenerative Group and BPB Medica(TM) Italy are very pleased to announce a global consultancy relationship to further develop the distribution of BPB Medica(TM) products.

GRG Announces Partnership with BPB Medica

Boca Raton, FL, December 02, 2020 –(– BPB Medica(TM) is an Italian manufacturing company specialized in the design, production and marketing of high qualitative healthcare products for medical use and medical-surgery devices. BPB Medica(TM) was founded in 1999 by the Bellini family, boasting thirty years of experience in the biomedical sector.

GRG Vice President Mihail Blagoev said in this case: “We at GRG are very excited about working actively on this collaboration. Starting with the first contact with the company in September 2020 with the general manager Carlo Bellini, today we have more than 12 active contacts on which we work in the direction of registration and distribution.”

The products that GRT (Global Regenerative Trade) will work with are:

1. LIPO-STEM DUO Adipose tissue MSCs microfragmentation and purification kit
2. LIPO-STEM Adipose tissue MSCs purification kit
3. ORTHOPLASTY Subchondral bone plasty (BMLs) treatment kit
4. OSTEOPLASTY Tibial plateau, calcaneus and metaphyseal fracture balloon augmentation
5. MARROW-STEM Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells aspiration kit

The Executive Director of BPB Medica Carlo Bellini says: “We at the Italian BPB Medica(TM) are very happy that GRG and Mr. Blagoev are such serious partners. We are very much enthusiastic about this collaboration and the mutual benefits we are having. I completely trust that Mike and the GRG team will be a great asset to help us develop BPB Medica(TM) product distribution.”

Mr. Blagoev considers that the pandemic situation is new to the Regenerative Medicine business, but GRG demonstrated plasticity and adaptivity to this new world. BPB Medica(TM) he continues, has good go-to-market strategy and has proved to be effective within recent weeks.

They will follow this line of collaboration for further coverage.