Global Capital Partners Fund Finances Economic Infrastructure in the US

New York, NY, February 07, 2022 –(– GCP Fund has been helping commercial real estate investors, builders, and owners buy raw land and develop it for resale and rental purposes since its inception. Over the years, the hard money lender has quietly but surely found its niche in the construction sector.

Developing raw land has turned into a massive undertaking for the past couple of years. The pandemic has slowed down the supply chain and created a lack of construction equipment and resources for large-scale projects. This has resulted in lost time and money, creating a lot of uncertainty and abandoned projects.

While conventional lenders remain hesitant to invest in constructions, Global Capital Partners Fund continues to grant temporary semi-permanent and permanent construction loans to commercial investors, owners, and developers.

“Construction tends to defy all estimates; even more so now that you’re paying more to the site workers,” said a loan officer at GCP Fund. “We already have measures in place to make sure you’re able to pay for the expected and unexpected costs of acquisition and development. We also make extra sure that you’re able to repay this loan by the agreed-upon deadline through our loan structures alone. How, you ask? Well, that’s for our officers to divulge during their consultation.”

Despite the cryptic statement, the GCP Fund website does reveal some ways in which the company makes sure the asset-based loans are paid in time. The company offers several construction loan types, two of which—interim construction loans and takeout loans—are meant to accommodate investors and developers who aren’t able to pay their temporary loan by the due date.

The commercial lender grants loans of at least $1MM to amateur and experienced individuals wanting to acquire, remodel, renovate, and build commercial properties, such as department stores, restaurants, hotels, motels, mixed-use properties, multi-family buildings, hospitals, coffee shops, churches, and more.

A complete list of loan structures, commercial real estate, and loan applications is available on the company website below.

About Global Capital Partners Fund, LLC
Global Capital Partners Fund is New York City’s top-tier commercial lender of asset-based loans. Under the leadership of its chairman Joe Malvasio, the private lender has financed a number of bridge and long-term loans for small and major development projects across the United States. The company’s loan approval process is quick, easy, and complete with underwriting services. For more information, visit the website given below.

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