Germantown Tech CEO to Donate 1 Million Masks in COVID Fight

Shireen Inc. CEO, Mr. Nusrat Jamal, has pledged to donate one million locally manufactured N95 face masks to state and federal bodies as well as healthcare providers in the Metro D.C. area

Amina and Nusrat Jamal, MD residents, have been following the COVID-19 pandemic since it became a national concern in March of 2020. They were deeply alarmed about the shortages of masks and other PPE, especially the predicament the healthcare workers were finding themselves in, such as reusing PPE that is intended to be single-use. In order to alleviate the pressure on healthcare infrastructure, they decided to donate one million medical-grade (N95) face masks to help state agencies and healthcare providers in the DC Metro area during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Jamals tried to purchase the masks but the manufacture and supply of masks were stretched thin worldwide. As a result, they decided to set about manufacturing the masks themselves and switched tracks to the purchase of N95 mask-making equipment and raw material. 

Mr. Jamal, a migrant from Pakistan, is the CEO of Shireen Inc, a Germantown, MD-based manufacturer of wireless equipment. He believes in giving back to the community and the country which has given him so much. Silverline Health, a company established by him to aid in his healthcare endeavor, will be producing the masks in the USA. “I created Silverline Heath in response to the crucial need for these masks in the community and country. The goal is to manufacture and distribute these masks so they can reach our community as safely and quickly as possible, as the spread of COVID continues to grow.” The company is also beginning the arduous process of obtaining OSHA certification for these masks, ensuring that the PPE meets or exceeds standards that are being relaxed due to the emergency nature of the pandemic.  

“We have begun coordination with Maryland Governor’s Office of Community initiatives, the Maryland State Police, the Maryland Department of Health, the Maryland Responds disaster response body, National Nurses Unions, as well as a coordinated effort through FEMA to provide masks as they identify entities in need of supplies. These are all lined up to start taking the production as we plan on starting the distribution on Dec. 8, stated Mr. Jamal. 

Source: Shireen Inc.