From the Urban Capital to Fukui’s Zen Village: Experience Authentic Japanese Culture With Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s Latest Package

Zen meditation, Buddhist vegan cuisine, and cultural exploration are what Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo promises with its new package in collaboration with Hakujukan in Fukui prefecture. 

Coinciding with the reopening of Japan’s borders to foreign tourists, the package offers two nights at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, a luxury urban resort in the heart of Tokyo, and one night at Hakujukan, a traditional Japanese inn. The stay at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo includes a garden-view room, daily breakfast, dinner at one of the hotel restaurants, and access to spa amenities. Guests can also participate in a cultural experience of their choosing — such as a Japanese Tea Ceremony at the hotel’s authentic tea house, a calligraphy workshop, an origami workshop, and more. 

At Hakujukan, guests will stay in a modern Japanese-style room overlooking the Eiheiji river and wake up to a “syojin ryori,” or Buddhist vegan breakfast. Guests can also participate in the zen morning service at Daihonzan Eiheiji for an authentic Soto Zen Buddhism experience. 

Bookings for the JAPANESE CULTURE PACKAGE: TOKYO HOTEL IN THE CLOUDS & ZEN MEDITATION AT EIHEIJI TEMPLE are open until June 30, 2023. It also includes an English concierge service, which can be used to arrange visits to Eiheiji Temple, Zazen experiences, Buddhist sermons, and more. Guests can reach Eiheiji Temple by train or air. 

Please visit Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo’s website for more information on the holiday package and how to book. 

About Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is one of the city’s most iconic and unique luxury hotels. Once a guest house of Yamagata Aritomo, a political figure of the Meiji period, the property today includes 267 guest rooms/suites, nine restaurants, 38 meeting/banquet rooms, and an authentic Japanese garden. The property has a wide variety of botanical species, including cherry blossoms and camellia, and a three-story pagoda, a registered Tangible Cultural Property. Another feature of the garden is the “Tokyo Sea of Clouds,” a recreation of the natural phenomenon that can only be spotted in mountainous regions under the right weather conditions, which was added in celebration of the hotel’s 70th anniversary. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is owned and managed by Fujita Kanko Inc., a publicly traded tourism industry corporation headquartered in Tokyo. 

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About Hakujukan

Hakujukan is a traditional inn at the entrance of Eiheiji Temple, “the temple of eternal peace.” A collaborative renovation project with Daihonzan Eiheiji, Fukui Prefecture, and Fujita Kanko Inc., the hotel officially opened in 2019. Eiheiji Temple was founded in 1244 and is one of the two head temples of Soto Zen Buddhism. Hakujukan is also managed by Fujita Kanko Inc. Please visit Hakujukan’s official website for more information. 

Anna Wildman

Source: Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo