From the Garage to Across the Nation. BatteryJack Celebrates 22 Years in Business

From the garage to across the nation. A 20-year journey has led BatteryJack Inc. to locations in Illinois and Florida. What started with just a few small pallets of batteries has turned into several warehouses, numerous trademarked brands, and multiple lines of products. With everything going on, they are still in developmental stages of many new products releasing in 2022.

Don Sweeney worked in the battery industry for 10+ years before going in his own direction. Don and Sue Sweeney had sold a prior business and were eager to start their next journey. Twenty years later there are now multiple brands under the BatteryJack Inc. company Titan, Shotgun, PowerStar, PowerStar H-D, Banshee, Banshee Lithium, and the Banshee Marine. They have stretched their influence from powering the smallest radio to the largest superyachts across North America. “It’s no surprise we are celebrating 20 years. With the hardest working parents, it wouldn’t be anything less. We are geared up for success. Another 20 years in business is in our future.” – Shannon Sweeney

As disaster struct in 2009-2011 across the country for many small businesses as a recession ran rampant on the economy, BatteryJack Inc. saw it as a window of opportunity for growth: Acquiring real estate to stage more products and starting a new company under the BatteryJack banner, Metal Defender walk through metal detectors. Metal Defender swiftly took on the security industry and became a trustworthy metal detector company within just a few years. “I have always been taught to not make excuses and as long as you get up every day and try your best everything will be okay. You cannot sit back and accept things when they are going bad. Look at everything as an opportunity.” – Donald Sweeney Jr.

BatteryJack Inc. has since branched off from the idea of motorcycle batteries to motorcycle safety by creating their second sister company named RS Helmets, standing for Ride Safe, Ride Smart. They have made sure to offer the top-of-the-line quality products with both non-DOT and DOT-approved products depending on customers’ wants and needs.

Before the turn of the new decade, the world was hit by the coronavirus, but it has not slowed BatteryJack’s stride. Between 2020 and 2022, they have expanded and opened two fulfillment centers to help with the distribution of their product to bring their customer their top-of-the-line products even faster to make sure people stay safe during these trying times. BatteryJack Inc.’s website now offers 2-3-day free shipping throughout the entire united states with the installment of the fulfillment centers.

BatteryJack started off as a family company and has stayed true to their roots. Don Sweeney Jr., as well as Shannon Sweeney, have stepped up to take the reigns of the company. With many changes already made, many initiated and many more to come, BatteryJack’s future seems bright and prosperous under the leadership of the siblings. “2021 was extremely difficult for all of us as we lost our mother at the end of 2020. She was truly the monarch of the family and taught us so much about being happy and living life. Without her, there would never be a BatteryJack or a 20 year anniversary. She was proud of what we had accomplished, and I know she is watching over us reminding us that we are just getting started.” – Donny Sweeney.

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Source: BatteryJack