From March 1, People in the US Can Take Free Passport Photos From Home Using, an AI-Powered Photo App

“We wanted to help people limit unnecessary contacts during the pandemic,” said Thomas Mlodzki, CEO of the company. “The offer to take biometric photos for free on lasts until March 31.” The company wants to promote a new way of taking passport photos with the expectation that it will also catch on in post-COVID times.

Even during regular times, some specific groups of people, such as parents with small children, people with disabilities and the elderly, struggle with taking photos in a conventional photo studio.

However, in today’s busy society, saving time is desirable for everyone.

U.S. regulations allow the public to take passport photos themselves, but it can often be tricky and cause problems.

There are over 50 official requirements to check against when taking biometric photographs. 

According to PhotoAiD, more than 93% of self-taken photographs don’t meet the official criteria. Most of them have issues with lighting (44%), head cropping (37%), or are lacking a perfectly plain background (29%).

On the other hand, six out of 10 people who went to a professional photographer are not satisfied with how they look in the photo.

When using people can take as many photos as they want. Artificial Intelligence helps with checking if the official requirements are met, giving people a guarantee that the chosen photo will be accepted by the authorities. 

“Our app works with the help of AI, hence we can assure scalable, high-quality service with low costs,” said Thomas Mlodzki, CEO of 

In addition to the free digital version, users will soon be able to order home delivery of paper-printed copies of their passport photos. 

Using, people can also take photographs for visas, driver’s licenses and other types of IDs. 

PhotoAid has more than seven years of experience in passport photography, operating an international network of biometric photo booths in Europe.

The company expects that although the number of issued passports and visas dropped significantly in the last year, it will bounce back quickly after the pandemic is over.

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Thomas Mlodzki
CEO of helps people to take professional photos for official documents such as passports or driver’s licenses from home using their smartphones. While saving time, money and stress, it delivers photos that people are happy having in their official documents for the next few years.

Source: PhotoAiD