Free Mask Detection App to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

The free app turns an Android device into a mask detection alarm. For use in stores, venues and other businesses, it is able to remind patrons to wear an appropriate face covering without requiring staff to manually intervene. today released a free mask detection algorithm for its visionM8 Android computer-vision app. The algorithm is able to detect people without appropriate face coverings and is designed for deployment in retail stores, hospitality, services and public organizations.

With increasing incidents of violence towards staff over the wearing of masks and with ongoing COVID-19 infections, the visionM8 app allows businesses to offload from their staff the task of monitoring mask-wearing. The app automatically sounds an alarm when a person without a face covering is detected and their image is highlighted in real time.

Rather than requiring expensive hardware, the visionM8 app is capable of running on standard Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. Businesses can download the app for free and then simply mount the device near entrances, waiting areas, checkouts, etc. Once registered, the app doesn’t even need network connectivity, with no data ever leaving the device – perfect for privacy-conscious environments.

The visionM8 app with mask detection algorithm is completely free. Stephen Snell, General Manager of, said, “We’re uniquely placed to do this by leveraging our expertise in artificial intelligence and business automation with the workM8 platform. Given the challenges we’ve all been facing, we just want to do our bit in trying to get back to normal as soon as possible.”

For more information on the visionM8 app, visit is an Australian company and developers of the workM8 actionable data platform for workflow and business automation. Headquartered in Sydney,’s platform powers asset and vehicle tracking, people counting, worker safety and policy compliance workflows for industries including healthcare, mining and agriculture, transportation, retailĀ and more.

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