Francis Santa Takes Action to End Hunger in Israel

Boca Raton, FL, December 09, 2021 –(– On October 6th of 2021, Francis Santa was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation in honor of his generosity and selfless support of the Feed Israel Foundation. The Feed Israel Foundation “supports Israel by providing immediate humanitarian relief to those in need and by creating positive long-term change through educational programs and legislation.” With the ultimate goal of ending hunger throughout Israel, the Feed Israel Foundation strives to enable individuals to break out of the cycle of poverty by providing them with the tools they need to be self-sufficient. This, in turn, allows for them to live more dignified lives.

Currently, the people of Israel are facing an increasingly tough time. Between the COVID-19 pandemic as well as terrorist attacks, it has been a rough stage in Israel’s history. As a proud member of the Jewish Community, Francis Santa could not allow himself to sit back and watch as his people suffered. “It’s not about giving money,” says Santa. “It’s about providing the foundation for people in need to rise above their circumstances and help them to live better lives.” With his generous donation, he has created a reliable source of funding for those struggling in poverty in Israel and is helping them to regain control of their own lives and their dignity.

In addition to supporting the Feed Israel Foundation, Francis Santa is also active in many other community outreach programs. One notable organization is the Aleph Institute. The Aleph Institute is a certified non-profit Jewish organization “dedicated to assisting and caring for the wellbeing of members of specific populations that are isolated from the regular community: U.S. military personnel, prisoners, and people institutionalized or at risk of incarceration due to mental illness or addictions.” Francis Santa takes these issues very seriously, and as a result he sends in a monthly donation to their cause.

Aside from monetary donations, you can also find Francis Santa donating his time to those in need. When interviewed Francis stated “ Being kind to all the people around you even if those people are unkind is very important.” He went on to say that “The world we live in is so wonderful but too many people only dwell on the bad things that happen, over the course of history worse things have happened but the world was not as connected thru the internet and media to bring them to light.” In his eyes patience and kindness in all your affairs will bring you and everyone around you happiness.