Florida Smiles Dental Is Open Now for All Dental Care Including Emergencies

Since quarantines from the State of Florida have ended post-pandemic, Florida Smiles Dental has seen a resurgence of teeth cleanings, teeth whitening, as well as families coming in for appointments for Invisalign.

Florida Smiles Dental is now open for all forms of dental care as well as emergencies. Because safety is the number one concern of their patients, Florida Smiles Dental has been practicing thorough safety protocols and procedures for their patients’ visits. https://floridasmilesdental.com/covid-19-protocol/ 

Florida Smiles Dental is meeting with patients who schedule an appointment at offices closest to where they live; one office is in Fort Lauderdale (954) 523-6525, and the other is in Lighthouse Point, 954-943-2466

People understand how important it is to take care of their teeth. When they visit one of the Florida Smiles Dental offices, they find out just how easy it can be to keep up on the health of their teeth. Florida Smiles Dental is an all-in-one dentistry with solutions to many of the conditions one might have on an everyday basis. From general dentistry, to orthodontics, to more specific issues that should be addressed by one of their specialists, they have their patients’ needs covered. Their dedicated staff goes to great lengths to keep peoples’ smiles not only bright and beautiful but healthy for years to come. 

Now that Florida has lifted quarantines post-pandemic, many families are considering dental services to straighten their teeth with systems such as Invisalign. Dr. Donald Fox with Florida Smiles Dental has an extensive background as an Orthodontist and has treated over 14,000 patients in over 23 years with braces and Invisalign in and around Fort Lauderdale and Lighthouse Point, Florida. Here are some of his specialties:

  • Invisalign Certified – Over 230 cases of all types of clear trays to move teeth and is trained in severe cases and the newest
  • Invisalign Teen 
  • Braces Specialist in Adult Cosmetic Dentistry Difficult Cases
  • Age 7 Complex Early Children Braces & Teenager Braces
  • Truly Invisible Tongue-Side Braces
  • Fast Braces Done on Front Teeth in 5-7 Months
  • “Thumbsuck” and Pacifier Habit Expert

    Schedule an appointment with Florida Smiles Dental to inquire about Invisalign and straightening teeth. Call 954-523-6525.

    ​Dental Emergencies: Florida Smiles Dental is also available by appointment on weekends. Schedule here. https://floridasmilesdental.com/appointments/​​

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Inquire about Florida Smile Dental’s New Patient Special.

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