Fitness Program Total Shape Offers $13,000 to Complete a New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge

About 76% of Americans admitted to gaining up to 16 lbs over the past nine months while the world deals with the coronavirus situation.*

Research shows that this unwanted weight gain could be due to a few things, including the closing of gym facilities, excessive snacking while working from home, and mindlessly eating more calories.

Total Shape, a platform that provides scientifically-backed information on health and fitness, designed a three-month program to help people get back in shape.

According to Tyler Sellers, Total Shape’s Senior Coach:

“We’re looking for four candidates to help us to test four of the latest and most popular diet and fitness regimes for weight loss – we’ll even pay each person up to $13,000 on top of the weight they’ll lose. The lucky candidates will be asked to publicly track their journey in daily blogs, video diaries, and social media posts across a minimum of three months. They must also be happy to submit photographs, their verified weight recordings, and measurements daily.” 

The team’s objective for such a program is “to give the people their power back and get on top of their health especially during these times,” Sellers added.

Colorado residents are invited to apply if you are between the ages of 18 and 60, have a body mass index of 30 or higher, and promise to be dedicated to the regimen that they will provide.

Sellers mentioned that it’s crucial that the candidates let the Total Shape team know what kinds of supplements they are taking prior to and during the entire program.

He added:

“Ensuring the tools for a healthy lifestyle are accessible to everyone is something that we are passionate about at Obesity has been an issue even before the pandemic, now some people may feel a little lost about how to tackle those lockdown love handles. We know there’s a lot we can do to support people in their new weight loss journeys safely and effectively, and we’re excited to get the first applications in.”

Successful candidates who will complete the three-month testing will receive a guaranteed payment of $8,000 with a potential to earn $5,000 more in milestone bonuses.

“There’s really nothing to lose here but weight,” Sellers said.

Interested to join and start a healthy habit in 2021? Visit for more details.


Source: Total Shape