Field Nation Increases Investment to Support Service Companies Delivering In-Store Retail Technology Transformation

Steve Salmon, VP of Business Development, Field Nation.

“There is immense pressure and scale required of service companies to deliver tens of thousands of projects this year in response to a COVID-19 environment,” said Mynul Khan, CEO, and Founder, Field Nation.

Field Nation announced today during NRF 2021 new investment levels to strengthen the accelerated reinvention of retail, as retailers deploy touchless, self-serve checkout technologies and omni-channel commerce systems for the “store of the future.”

“There is immense pressure and scale required of service companies to deliver tens of thousands of projects this year in response to a COVID-19 environment. Fortunately, our base of technicians has worked in virtually every retail location nationwide in virtually every zip code,” said Mynul Khan, CEO, and Founder, Field Nation. “With retail facing such disruption, we want to ensure that service providers are equipped to respond.”

As the leading on-site services platform and network of on-demand technicians, Field Nation powers more than one million work orders annually for field services across North America, with over half of those deployments in retail.

The (Tech) Proximity Dilemma
Service providers supporting retail businesses are ramping up for unprecedented levels of coverage and retail-ready talent in 2021 and beyond. These providers may service hundreds of thousands of disbursed stores nationwide, spanning hundreds or thousands of miles.

Field Nation’s mission is to make it easier for providers to connect in any region with retail-experienced techs that can be trusted with their brand. Top service providers are augmenting traditional talent sourcing approaches to better compete, no matter where their customers are located.

“We’re on the hook to deliver the best experience in all hours in all geographies for our customers while juggling unpredictable schedules in areas where we do not have technicians. So, finding a partner who could help us win the business with coverage and quality was a huge relief for us where we also discovered an opportunity to expand and win more bids.” National Service Delivery Leader

Field Nation Dedicates Industry Veteran to Expand its Support for Service Providers
As part of the overall investment, Field Nation recently appointed 30-year service delivery veteran Steve Salmon to lead the company’s expansion efforts with a focused team to address the unique challenges facing companies servicing retail projects today. Over the past six months, his team researched and identified key investment opportunities that solve the most pressing business challenges for service delivery leaders.

“To meet accelerated demand in retail, our clients need two things: access to retail-experienced talent that will complete the job successfully the first time in a brand-positive way, and technology that reduces the operational overhead to find, vet and manage that talent. We’re committed to amplifying our efforts on both over the next 18 months,” added Steve Salmon, VP of Business Development, Field Nation.

The company ramped up retail support and R&D expenditures in anticipation of retail trends, becoming long-lasting market solutions. These investments will further enable the best, most agile organizations to complete nationwide deployments.

The Platform for Workforce Flexibility in Times of Uncertainty
A pandemic taught service providers to expect the unexpected; many are putting permanent contingency plans in place. Scaling with experienced technicians and solidifying control over the transaction is crucial. In response, Field Nation is investing in three areas: enhanced intelligence, lower overhead, and quality technician network.

“Our platform will continue to enhance real-time, on-site tech communication to ensure first-visit resolution, and to audit for improved quality. Continued enhancements to MarketSmart™ Insights will assist with better bidding and optimize service provider costs. Finally, scale-related enhancements like auto-approvals will help manage large-volume projects without adding extra overhead. These areas will all be enhanced in 2021 for more scalable, quality service outcomes,” said Wael Mohammed, Executive VP of Product Management, Field Nation.

The Optimized Service Workforce: The Growing Use of Flexible, Skilled Talent
2021 is the year for service companies to evaluate their service offerings strategically to determine the best blend of services for their business. With the right blend, service providers win more deals, increase deal size, and retain the quality of an in-house workforce while adding flexibility to respond to this dynamic environment. While service providers keep core services in-house, they are increasingly augmenting their workforce with on-demand technicians to allow them to compete.

Field Nation’s Profitability Guide highlights ways in which leading service organizations are improving their coverage, costs, and technician utilization with a strategic use of on-demand resources, which opens up opportunities to win more business. Perceptions over contingent labor options have evolved and are considered less risky than in years past. But now, through platform enhancements, planning tools, insurance, and vetting tools, Field Nation has made sourcing an on-demand workforce a low-risk proposition.

About Field Nation
Field Nation brings companies and experienced technicians together to complete short-term, on-site work. Companies can build their flexible workforce in geographies across the U.S. and Canada, and technicians can find work that fits their schedule and skill set. Our mission is to match every technician with the right job and connect every service team to professionals who are invested in getting the job done right the first time. Learn more about Field Nation in retail at

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