Fan8 Launches New DeFi Token to Create an Immersive World for Artists, Celebrities, and Idols With Their Fans

Beowulf Blockchain launched FAN8 token — the first Safemoon-type of token issued by a renowned company with a clear mission statement for converting intangible qualities into tangible value —  in order to help idols (artists, musicians, influencers, and celebrities, etc.) reach fans in a more immersive and intimate setting than today’s social media platforms. While there are dozens of social media sites with billions of users, Fan8 is a natural evolution of these current platforms because it provides a two-way interactive real-time communication platform for virtual meetings, concerts and talk shows for up to 10,000 audience members at a time, and at the same time, putting monetary power back into the hands of the artists to allow them to earn a better living. Specifically, Idols can do the following: 

  • Conduct real-time online talk or comedy shows.
  • Perform musical concerts online for their fans to participate anywhere across the world in real-time.  
  • Sell tickets and receive monetary donations in real-time from their audience members during their events. 
  • Open and run their merchandise stores with physical goods or collectibles, even with non-fungible tokens (NFT).  

Fan8 tokens can be used for payments, gifts/donations, upgrading membership levels, and NFT on the as well as its sister site (a joint venture between Beowulf Blockchain and Asia Innovation Group). Fan8 token was issued on the Binance Smart Chain and will be available on the PancakeSwap with the following characteristics:

  • The token symbol: FAN8.  
  • Limited Supply: The total amount of minted Fan8 tokens is 888,888 tokens
  • Large Liquidity Pool: PancakeSwap Initial Pool worth $500K
  • 5% of each transaction gets redistributed to token holders in proportion to their holdings.
  • 5% extra will be contributed to the Liquidity Pool for the general stability of the pool.
  • The smart contract is fully audited by our security firm.

More information about the FAN8 token can be found here: 

“The pandemic has shown that the world is changing and Fan8 is the next evolution in entertainment. Fan8 was developed to help Idols across the globe to perform and earn a better living, while the holders of Fan8 tokens are able to earn a form of Universal Basic Income,” said Dr. William H. Nguyen, founder of the Fan8 platform. 

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Media contact: Dr. William H. Nguyen

Company: Beowulf PTE LTD

Contact Name: Dr. William H. Nguyen



Source: Beowulf PTE LTD