Expert Tips for Easing Separation Anxiety in Pets

Covid-19 restrictions have eased, which means pet owners are spending more and more time out of the house. While it’s exciting for owners, it can be distressing for pets to have to adjust to an increased amount of time away from their owners. Pet experts Aussie Pet Doors reassures owners that there are a number of tactics to help ease separation anxiety in pets.

Separation anxiety in pets can cause them to wreak havoc on a home or annoy the neighbours with incessant whining and barking. This can occur when owners spend a longer time out of the home than usual, when a loss of a family member occurs, when there’s been a change of ownership, after an address change or even in the midst of a schedule change. Pet experts maintain that it is imperative that owners put a stop to separation anxiety-induced behaviour in pets as soon as possible. 

For mild separation anxiety, Aussie Pet Doors suggests ensuring a pet has a number of ways to stay occupied while left alone. Cat and dog toys, puzzles and brain games are all fantastic ways to distract a pet until the owner gets home. Experts recommend these methods because not only are they distracting, but they also provide significant mental stimulation for the pet. Mental stimulation is just as beneficial as physical exercise and can even tire a pet out so that they will fall asleep easily.

If distractions aren’t sufficient, experts advise owners to invest in some natural, calming supplements. Supplements can reduce anxiety and improve pets’ health; introduce them slowly into a pet’s diet to ensure they don’t have an adverse reaction. In addition to supplements, owners are urged to leave out some recently worn clothing that smells like them for the pet to cuddle up with so that the pet can feel like their owner is still home. 

For more serious cases of separation anxiety, Aussie Pet Doors recommends consulting a veterinarian for more intensive treatment options. 

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Source: Aussie Pet Doors