Essential Workers Can Now Be Thanked by the Public

Today TendOrama Ltd announces a module to fill an important gap in society: Reward people at their workplace.

TendOrama is an online platform that facilitates expressions of gratitude, including monetary rewards. The module launched today lets members of the public anonymously send a monetary reward to any worker who is signed up in TendOrama.

Now people can open TendOrama, find the photo of the worker they want to acknowledge with a monetary reward and an optional message, and send it to them. There is no need for the public to sign up with TendOrama, and the reward can be anonymous. The process is relatively quick, safe and secure, and delightful.

There has been a desire among the general public to express appreciation for workers who go above and beyond. Particularly now during the COVID-19 pandemic, essential workers have been carrying a large proportion of the load. Some essential workers have been acknowledged in various ways. For example, the public has organized initiatives like parades and motorcades. But that highlights the existing gap: How does someone show direct and meaningful appreciation?

Until now, individual people have been largely unable to show their gratitude to the workers they rely on in daily life. The person working in a grocery store stocking shelves and helping people find that last item. The nurse who went the extra mile for a loved one. These days, cashiers everywhere, as main points of contact, put their health and their families’ health at risk. People want a way to thank our hardest-working community members.

TendOrama founder, Warrick Harrison, said, “Our goal for this new module is to fill a gap in our society. We know people have been frustrated by their inability to reciprocate the benefits of other people’s hard work.”

Asked about how this new service might be relevant to people in their daily lives, Harrison continued, “Everyone wants to show gratitude! When someone goes above and beyond – like exposing themselves and their families to a disproportionate risk of COVID-19 – or by doing more than they need to just because they’re kind, people want to let them know they really appreciate it, and they absolutely don’t take it for granted.”

The new module announced today by TendOrama means essential workers (and almost any worker who interacts with their customers, during this pandemic or not) can feel appreciated by the people they work so hard for. And people can feel good about rewarding the significant efforts and risks undertaken by their essential community members.

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Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, TendOrama Ltd lets people make their world better by rewarding almost anyone who deserves it – online or in daily life.

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