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Nearly 90 per cent of UK weddings have been postponed in 2020, a new survey from wedding website Hitched has found.

Out of these couples, 76 per cent have rescheduled their wedding for later this year, while 44 per cent have moved their big day to 2021.

The pandemic, which has kept the UK under lockdown for the past two and a half months, has wreaked havoc through the wedding industry, and Hitched predicts it could change what weddings look like in the future.

From wearing themed masks to incorporating hand sanitiser into your big day, below Hitched predicts the biggest wedding trends for this year and next.

Creative use of hand sanitiser

When coronavirus hit the UK earlier this year, hand sanitiser became a must-have, and it will now be commonplace at weddings. Creative couples will distribute small bottles in pouches or as pre-wedding favours.

Masks and gloves will be wedding staples

With masks compulsory on public transport from next Monday (June 15), wearing a mask to a wedding could be the new fascinator. Match it to your dress or tuxe and, if you’re extra conscious about germs, adopt three-quarter sleeve gloves into your look and channel Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

Buffets will be a thing of the past

Health and safety will be a big focus for upcoming nuptials – and this extends to the food. Gone are the days of buffet as plated meals continue their dominance.

Outdoor weddings will rise in popularity

As the UK has such unpredictable weather, planning an outdoor wedding can always be a bit risky, but will be the way forward as couples seek ways to socially distance their guests.

Ceremonies will see socially-distanced seats

Ceremonies will be shorter and there will be more room for standing, Hitched says, but for those who prefer to have a seat they will be spread out.

‘Satellite’ dance floors will become the norm

The reception is set to change, too, as roaming ‘satellite’ dance floors will become the norm. This means there will be several dance floors and bars dotted around the venue to allow guests to spread out a bit more.

Couples will get married before they have a wedding

Hitched says couples are celebrating their marriage ceremony intimately between the two of them or with a small group of loved ones in person or virtually, and that this will continue. This is especially common for those who have destination weddings.

Weekday weddings will rise

While Saturdays and Sundays have generally been a favourite for weddings, with so many postponed until next year couples can save money by opting for a weekday wedding instead.

Weddings will be smaller

For couples who want to get married sooner, a ‘micro wedding’ could be a good option as the government could soon allow ‘small weddings’ to take place. Simply cull your guests list to your nearest and dearest and hold a bigger party later on.

Live-streaming will become commonplace

For those who can’t make it or who are more vulnerable, live-streaming your wedding is set to increase in popularity for those tuning in from afar.