EM Braxton Universal Report Coins France an Economic Star

Tokyo, Japan, February 04, 2022 –(PR.com)– As the Euro zone plows its way out of the pandemic, two of its largest economies experienced a dichotomous end to 2021. A recent report by EM Braxton Universal revealed that France’s GDP exceeded analysts’ forecasts by 0.7%, managing to achieve its highest growth since 1969, whilst Germany, the once economic powerhouse of the Euro zone, faltered with a contraction of 0.7%, positioning it on the edge of a recession.

There are just ten weeks until the initial round of the French presidential elections and the French economy is soaring. The EM Braxton Universal report showed that growth for 2021 came in at 7%, which was the best-recorded growth in the G7 group of large, industrial nations. In addition, France’s unemployment rate has fallen to 8%, which also stands at the lowest rate in 15 years.

EM Braxton Universal analysts attribute much of the country’s economic success to French President Macron and Bruno Le Maire, the finance minister, for their handling of the pandemic and guidance in economic affairs, despite the high cost to the state and the overall debt bill.

Analysts at EM Braxton Universal commented that the economic situation paints a picture that is in stark contrast to the citizens’ sentiment and their own sense of prosperity, especially blue-collar workers. Energy costs have skyrocketed; heating gas increased 57% over the first three quarters of last year. Rent and housing prices have soared, food prices are also climbing dramatically because of booming commodity prices on a global scale.

And while France’s economic outlook appears rosy, EM Braxton Universal analysts say the attitude of the population poses a predicament for Macron as he enters the presidential race, with very little in his coffers to improve the lives of everyday French people.