Elf Reports: Wish Lists Aren’t Reaching Santa Claus in Time Due to ‘Weird Virus’

There’s a ‘weird virus’ going around if you haven’t heard, and due to millions of families avoiding crowded malls, where they typically visit Santa, children’s wish lists haven’t been reaching the North Pole as they normally do. The Elves have been so worried they’d have to guess what the children want for Christmas. Thankfully, Santa Claus has taken notice and responded by declaring a State of Emergency. This year, he has decided he will talk to the children, personally… not by zoom, or by text, or computer, but by using his good old-fashioned telephone and the help of Santa Speaking Live.

Undercover Elf, Anne Gaskell, founder Santa Speaking Live, and keeper of Santa’s phone schedule, says ‘Having Santa call the children personally will be really helpful and efficient thanks to our phone scheduler. Elves have a LOT of toys to make and distribute in a few weeks. It would be very difficult if we have to guess what the children want. We don’t want to disappoint anyone, and we are grateful that Santa has agreed to step in to make phone calls to the children.’

While it’s not an easy feat to call every child in the world, Santa has state of the art phone service and his phone schedule is kept by real Elves. Santa calls DIRECTLY from his home at the North Pole, the caller ID says so.  

Santa always has his phone and wherever he is… in the reindeer barn (hear their bells), in the kitchen with Mrs. Claus baking (listen to Mrs. Claus scold Santa for eating too many cookies), or even out with Frosty having a snowball fight. Children may even hear Santa tell a knock-knock joke, or sing a Christmas carol along with him. 

Calls are also recorded as a keepsake and capture a bit more than what children experience during the call including Santa’s call prep – hear him humming, talking to Mrs. Claus, and asking for more cookies, and also after the call, families will hear Santa’s comments after he gets off the phone.  

Here’s how to schedule: Visit Santa’s website, select a date and time, provide a few details to personalize the experience and Santa will handle the rest.  When Santa calls, he will know all that he SHOULD know.  Calls are also recorded as a keepsake.  Price of calls begin at $24.95 for 3-5 minutes, recordings of calls can be purchased for $10.

About Santa Speaking Live: Founded in 2004, and re-founded in 2020 by Mom Anne Gaskell.  Santa Speaking Live has provided over 200,000 phone calls between 2004-2010 and has been featured on TODAY, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox and Friends, Wall St. Journal, New York Times and Rachel Ray. 


Source: Santa Speaking Live