Edge Co-Founder to Present Its Post-COVID SME Financing Approach in DMFS Canada and New York Virtual Events

Kobi Ben Meir, co-founder of Edge, a new generation SME financing startup, will be featured in ‘Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit 2020’ by Strategy Institute. Kobi will discuss the brand’s approach and chance to reshape the FinTech arena in a post-COVID-19 era.

Edge is proud to announce that one of its co-founders will be a featured speaker in the two main digital marketing events this year. Following several speaking engagements across the nation, talking about content marketing, user experience and spreading the unique approach to B2B marketing, Kobi will now present the brand’s unique approach to SME financing and digital marketing for the post-COVID era.

Edge is changing the way businesses get financing. We are building the next generation of online lending for small business owners with the business and its owner in mind. Edge is an ecosystem that empowers business owners and provides an easier, faster, smarter way to access working capital and business solutions.

In the emerging world of COVID chaos, it is critical now, more than ever, to address this flood of digital services and products with digital asset management.

  • Provide all departments with one central brand, campaign and product assets
  • Create more consistent UX experiences which drive brand trust
  • Identify the bottlenecks and harness automation and AI/ML to reduce human error
  • Corporate social responsibility applications in the FinTech world: Create a distinctive approach to support local enterprises by building trust and establishing an even longer relationship.

Events details:

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Canada 

Sept. 22, 2020, 11:30 a.m. EST and 12:50 p.m. EST

More information: https://www.financialdigitalmarketing.com/speakers/kobi-ben-meir/

Digital Marketing for Financial Services New York

Nov. 17, 2020, 1:00 p.m. EST

More information: https://www.financialdigitalmarketingus.com/speakers/kobi-ben-meir/

Kobi will also take part of an expert panel discussing lessons from COVID-19 in banking and financial services, alongside LeAnita Ragland-Brooks, a regional vice president at U.S. Bank, Katherine Lucas the global head of CX at State Street and Sayeed Sanaullah a first vice president at Wells Fargo.

Kobi Ben Meir

An award-winning marketing and branding expert. His book “marketing on fleek” was rated #1 B2C marketing book by bookauthority, and rated 5 stars by OnlineBookClub, ReadersFavorite and Amazon readers. A Forbes.com council and the former head of marketing for two leading Fintech brands, Kobi was nominated as B2B marketer of the year finalist five times, and he won numerous awards from establishments like The Drum, AVA, IAC, the communicator awards, ANA and more.

Strategy Institute

A proud facilitator of intelligence sharing for over 20 years. Their portfolio of prestigious events provides exclusive interactive learning and networking for senior executives, business professionals, and government officials around the world. Independent and research-based, they blend academic thinking with business acumen, aggregating information, connecting the dots, and bringing it all together for clarity and action.

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Source: Edge