EDCO Awards & Specialties Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day

EDCO Awards & Specialties

As the premier supplier of corporate recognition products in the United States, today EDCO Awards & Specialties proudly wishes employers and their subordinates a happy Employee Appreciation Day on March 5th. As a company of over 65 individuals itself, EDCO considers it vital to provide gratitude and support to employees at all levels for their efforts in helping a business achieve its ultimate goals.

While many businesses opt to reward their workers with employee appreciation day perks such as free lunch or a leave-early day, the pandemic has made the act of recognizing achievements in the workplace more challenging. Fortunately, many companies have found sending awards to their employees and hosting recognition events over video conferencing can work as an excellent alternative to an in-person event.

EDCO can support this strategy thanks to its range of custom employee recognition awards and multi-location shipping ability. The company offers a host of awards honoring corporate categories such as achievement, leadership, retirement, years of service, and many others. After choosing an award, businesses can rest easy knowing that EDCO will handle distribution, as each employee will have their awards drop-shipped directly to their address.

Employee Appreciation Day is widely observed in the United States and Canada alike. EDCO encourages all business owners to take advantage of this opportunity to recognize their employees for their accomplishments and contributions to success. For ideas on how to reward employees or set up an Employee Appreciation Day for your business, EDCO’s blog can help.

More About EDCO Awards & Specialties

EDCO Awards & Specialties is a premier supplier of Corporate Recognition Awards, custom trophies and employee awards online. They specialize in providing high-quality products with free customization options and fast, multi-location shipping.

EDCO is experienced in many types of engraving or imprinting including:

  • UV printing
  • CNC
  • Sublimation
  • Laser engraving
  • Abrasive etching

For more information about EDCO’s employee recognition awards, executive gifts, service awards, and other personalized specialties, visit their website at http://www.edco.com.

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