Director Tim Damon Blasts Through Year of Car Work – Demand for Car/Truck Content Sees No Slowdown

Director Tim Damon on location

We have stayed busy throughout the pandemic because of our mindful, turnkey approach to production

Neither COVID nor climate change nor a worldwide microchip shortage in 2021 slowed down director/cinematographer Tim Damon from completing a lion share of car work. For 2022, the expectations are the same, as demand for content to show off the latest models car/truck models shows no sign of slowing down.

“We have stayed busy throughout the pandemic because of our mindful, turnkey approach to production,” says Damon, who early on got himself certified early on as a COVID-19 prevention officer. “I own all my equipment and maintain my own stages, so agencies never have to venture out. Our military grade satellite system allows creatives unrivaled real-time remote viewing. Clients appreciate our integrated approach to producing digital ad content. It’s great for secure, safe shoots.”

In 2021, Damon started the year directing multiple spot packages for Honda. In February, the director headed to Arizona to shoot Subaru and Honda. As the weather warmed, Damon oversaw an ambitious 15-spot campaign for Toyota. In the summer heat, the director oversaw shoots for Honda Civic and Hatch models. In Fall, Damon fought off 93 degree heat to helm Hyundai’s Winter Sales event shoot, then traveled to Detroit to shoot a campaign for Ram Promaster. Before the year was out, Damon also shot Mitsubishi in Montana and Toyota in Oakland, California and Silverton, Colorado.

2022 for Damon should prove just as busy. According to Statista, except for a brief stall in early 2020, automotive industry digital ad spending has increases every year, from $3.61 billion to almost $15 billion in 2021. According to projections, ad spend will continue to increase, to $17 billion in 2022 and $19 billion in 2023. Says Damon. “Car and truck makers are enjoying record demand and profits, which bolsters the demand to connect with consumers. We’re here to amplify their message with smart production and inspired visuals.”

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