Digital Transformation Leaders Honors Business Leaders for Best Employee Experience with Month-Long Events and Contest

Digital Transformation Leaders Employee Experience Month

“We want to honor the businesses and their leaders who have proved to be most agile and facilitated their organizations to have the best employee experience during the COVID-19 crisis and digital disruption.” M. Nadia Vincent, MBA CEO Digital Transformation Leaders

Digital Transformation Leaders, a global authority on digital transformation leadership, has been educating and preparing businesses to fully step into and leverage the digital age for the past six years.They applaud the efforts of countless businesses for business continuity in the digital disruption, and for stepping into the future of business.

“We want to honor the businesses and their leaders who have proved to be most agile and facilitated their organization to have the best employee experience during the COVID-19 crisis and digital disruption.” says M. Nadia Vincent, the CEO of Digital Transformation Leaders. An MIT Certified Executive Advisor, M. Nadia Vincent, is ranked as a top 10 global thought leader on digital transformation by Thinkers 360, and has published two books on digital transformation leadership, developed many digital transformation solutions over the year, including a Digital Disruption Rescue package for individual transformation and improved employee experience.

The “Best Employee Experience Facilitators Award” is an online contest and award to honor the most agile businesses or organizations and their leaders who made their employees’ experience the best possible while ensuring business continuity during the COVID-19 disruptive times. An award ceremony to celebrate The most agile businesses and their leaders, offer prizes and giveaways to participants and close the celebratory month on April 30th.

During the Employee Experience in Digital Transformation month, Digital Transformation Leaders offer a weekly online conference series, on the Competitive Advantage of Individual Transformation and positive Employee Experience in digital transformation. Each conference addresses a different competitive asset of employee experience that leads to high employee engagement, successful business transformation, increased ROI, and how businesses can facilitate them.

Week 1. Individual Transformation for Better Business Innovation & Success
Week 2. Individual Transformation for Successful Technology Implementation and Adoption
Week 3. Individual Transformation for Better Sales and Customer Experience
Week 4. Individual Transformation for Improved Digital Transformation Leadership

The Best Employee Experience Facilitators Award is a contest that is open to businesses of all sizes globally and starting from a minimum of ten employees. All business sectors with few exceptions are welcome to participate, including private, corporate, public institutions. There is a small participation fee for the participating organizations. Voting is open to everyone.

Organizations can choose to honor up to two outstanding leaders who facilitate the best employee experience for their organization or team, regardless of their hierarchy. To do so, they can fill a form and submit a video about why the leader (s) and why they are honoring them. Leaders’ Submission is open on April 6th, and public voting takes place until the closing award ceremony.

The closing award ceremony will occur on April 30th and include the virtual ceremony to honor and award the winning organizations and their leaders for facilitating employee experience in digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Leaders provides executive services and coaching in digital transformation, strategic business innovation internationally. M. Nadia Vincent, the principal advisor at Digital Transformation Leaders, is the author of the book Leveraging Digital Transformation, Proven leadership and innovation strategies to engage and grow your organization. She is ranked in the global top 10 thought leader in digital transformation, innovation, business continuity, leadership, and digital disruption by Thinkers 360.

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