Dating App to Connect Pet Lovers Relieves Online Dating Anxiety

Sarasota, FL, March 14, 2022 –(– New trends brought on by COVID-19 have singles navigating a different dating scene and wondering what type of relationship they really want. Despite anxieties, singles are flocking to FetchaDate, a dating site where pets make the first introduction.

In a world of so much uncertainty, it comes as no surprise that many singles are also uncertain about what type of relationship they’re seeking. Individuals find themselves in relationship status limbo on top of vax status, and anxiety about masks-on-masks-off.

But matchmaker, and founder of Sheryl Matthys knows there’s one thing that can ease the sting of first-date anxiety: our pets. That’s why she created a dating app for pet lovers where WingPets (their dog, cat, or other animals) make their first introduction.

“Since pets are natural icebreakers, subscribers meet the ‘pack’ right from the start in the ‘Fetch Who’s Behind’ game,” Matthys says. “This is not a hookup app, it’s more authentic and filled with people who are looking for real love because they’re utilizing the real loving relationship with their pet to find it.”

Pets increase the perception of the owner’s trustworthiness, which could be influenced by the calming effect of pets. When thinking about swiping right, seeing a match with their pet can help reassure nervous online daters.

Plus, after the wave of social anxiety COVID-19 brought, a WingPet is the perfect conversation starter to avoid fumbling through an awkward first hello. In a recent survey by FetchaDate of nearly 1500 people, 60.1 percent of respondents say their pets help them spark conversations and make meaningful connections.

“It doesn’t get much better than having your pet do the work for you, and since we’re a site for pet lovers only, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll make a connection right away when you match with someone,” Matthys says. And the users of FetchaDate are no strangers to the benefits of pets.

Of the respondents, dogs’ rule. A whopping 85.2 percent have a dog, 47.5 percent have a cat, and under 10 percent noted having various pets as bunnies, fish, and birds. But did they want more? Since the pandemic seems to be winding down, some respondents don’t seem eager to get more pets. When asked if they plan to get a pet soon, 54.3 percent say no.

No worries, that adapts to FetchaDate’s inclusion of “No pet? No problem!” Users in-between owning a pet at the time may select a “virtual” pet provided in the app to break the ice like a dog, cat, horse, snake, fish, or turtle.

Nearly half of those polled also said they’d like to learn more about how their pet can help introduce them to find a date and/or a lasting relationship with the right person.

FetchaDate knows there are enough other obstacles to get through in the dating world. That’s why singles are joining the pet lover’s site where WingPets sets them apart from other online daters.

FetchaDate can be downloaded in the Apple Store and Google Play. It’s free to join, create a profile, and chat with other pet-loving matches.