COVID Won’t Stop Queens for Causes From Bringing Christmas 2020 to Terminally Ill Kids

Jackette Knightley’s Drag Sensations Join Statewide to Bring Holiday Gifts to APLA’s Children

The fluctuation of U.S. COVID infection rates statewide and overall increasing nationwide has caused temporary and permanent closures of businesses and organizations across the country. Those left standing are faced with a new normal of reinventing their operations in adherence to CDC guidelines while still reaching their annual business goals in 2020. Maintaining both the financial health of companies and physical health of communities has proven challenging for businesses and sparked unique alliances. Perhaps some of the hardest hit by the effects of COVID are charities that rely heavily on donations and serve high-risk-for-infection communities with pre-existing conditions. No doubt, even financially solid organizations still feel the COVID-crunch of maintaining the financial and physical health of their operations and are finding it helpful to get creative to maintain the new standards of business-as-usual within CDC guidelines. 

One such solid organization is APLA Health, a non-profit which promotes healthcare equity and the well-being of LGBT and other underserved communities. One of its most anticipated events is its annual Toy Box Drive, a party hosted by Ryan Black,which brings thousands of toys from hundreds of donors to terminally ill children each year. In accordance with the ban on large events, this event will not take place this year, which saddened many, including drag recording artist, Jackette Knightley, who worked the photo booth at passed Toy Box events with Emmy Winner Glen Alen. 

Undeterred, Jackette Knightley’s Drag Sensations, an informal community of Queens for Causes (including Emmy Winners, Glen Alen, Delta Work, RuPaul Alum, Mayhem Miller, and Harper’s Bazaar’s, Psycadella Facade) and local drag celebrities, Big Deelish, Jewels Long Beach, Dani Kay, Borgia Bloom Facade, Nomi B. Bello, and Robbie Osa, united to create “Shake Your Merry – A Holiday Happy Hour and Toy Drive” benefiting APLA’s children. Emmy winners Robert Iscove (of Whitney Houston’s, Cinderella), Garry Allyn, and Jason Tomaric are also involved.
This Happy Hour and Toy Drive will be held at Hamburger Mary’s, Sun., Nov. 22, 2020, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Long Beach, CA, co-hosted by Jackette Knightley and Psycadella Facade. All CDC guidelines will be strictly enforced and a preview of Shake Your Merry – An Online Drag Show will be shown. Jackette Knightley is joined by co-host Big Deelish for the online show which airs Nov. 23 and Dec. 14, 2020, at 7 p.m. PST on Ms. Knightley’s Facebook page, where she debuts her three new songs: Shake Your Merry; Love, Trust and Believe; and Too Glam. All music is available November 22 every place music is sold. All proceeds from these songs during the run of the online show will go to APLA. As Psycadella puts it, “Love, trust and believe – figuratively, we’re going to shake our merry for this worthy cause!” 

Source: Jackette Knightley’s Drag Sensations Multi Media Productions