COVID-19 UPDATE: American International School System Announces Reopening Plan

The American International School System is prepared to open all school locations in Pakistan in late September, and will see students return to school five days a week. Even before the outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, AISS has had safety protocols implemented for students.

Since the school’s opening in 2007, AISS has kept students a steady distance from one another, to promote individual learning and integrity. The Premier American School flagship campus and each satellite Premier Grammar School campus holds close to 2000 students and close to about 300 staff members. At all times in the classroom, students are required to maintain an 8-foot distance from others.

The same measures will apply along with stronger safety protocols, to protect against the spread of the virus at the Premier American School in Lahore and each Premier Grammar School location.

Students and staff will be required to wear masks or face coverings at any time they are less than six feet away from another individual. Students who are not able to afford a mask or do not have access to one will be provided one from AISS free of charge. Social distancing will be enforced and frequent hand washing and sanitizing will be encouraged.

Every student and staff member will have their temperature checked at the beginning of each day. Staff will identify any individual who has a fever and therefore might be infected with COVID-19, and will then provide testing. Any student or staff member infected with the COVID-19 will be mandated to stay home and receive treatment for themselves and their family members, if necessary.

All staff members are required to be regularly tested and free rapid testing is available for all staff, students and family members. AISS will additionally offer students and their families free medical services, such as antibiotics and hydroxychloroquine.

“I am extremely proud of my team at the American International School System. Each and every staff member has worked tirelessly during the global pandemic, to ensure we could open the school back up and continue to educate our children,” said Dr. Munr Kazmir, Founder of AISS and the AISS Foundation.

As the international health crisis increases poverty levels in Pakistan, AISS will issue a larger number of financial support or scholarships, which are already awarded to approximately 70 percent of students. AISS will continue to provide all standard courses and add additional classes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instructors are gearing up to educate parents and students on how to maintain safety, health and cleanliness during the pandemic.

AISS also plans to rearrange lunch and break time by staggering student lunch periods and providing additional spaces to eat outdoors. Cleaning staff will thoroughly disinfect an area each time a space is used between groups.

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The American International School System Foundation is a U.S. non-profit teaching American values through primary education to children in Pakistan. By providing a world-class education to Pakistani children, The American International School System Foundation is helping them become more prosperous, secure, democratic and able to stand up against violence and extremism.