COVID-19 Health Impact Could Contribute to Shin Splints supports and celebrates an active lifestyle. However, COVID-19 has caused the world to adopt a more siloed, individualized daily routine, which is prudent and impactful in many ways. From this catalyst, many seek running as a solution to maintain social distancing while enjoying a prudent health regime.

While there are a multitude of benefits from running, there can be drawbacks if not carefully monitored, measured, and proactively managed. One such concern is shin splints. The more we run, the more exposure to potentially sustaining painful shin splints.

The world of sports has also been vastly impacted from the reverb of COVID-19. As the world ponders ways to remain active in a more isolated, often quarantined environment, running has been a viable option. Whether running for sport of leisure, from cross country to urban trails, running can be enjoyed in a solo capacity and often with social distancing at the epicenter.

As COVID-19 has people seeking activity that allows them to exercise regularly, without the necessity of group activities or traditional environments, such as gyms, from home treadmills to outdoor expansiveness, running can be a desirable solution.

Enter, which has created a thorough Runners Guide outlining the top five shin splint exercises designed for shin splint prevention and recovery.

CopperJoint founder Stefano Starkel had this to say: “If we can help people to avoid the often debilitating pain of shin splints, they can remain active, healthy and lead a more fulfilled life. Our runners guide for shin splints is free and meant to support prevention and, if necessary, a swifter recovery, should the ailment be unavoidable.”  

From the aforementioned runners guide to overarching joint prevention recipes and practical tutorials on inflammation and severe joint pain reduction, has nearly 200 articles to educate, inform, and support the health goals one may desire.  

There are absolutely no costs to access the plethora of learning resources available at The blog is publicly available for those who seek to foster a deeper level of health from sustained activities. Simply visit and enjoy the vast range of guides, articles, tutorials, and content.

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