Covatar Makes Personalized Holiday Gifting Safer by Launching a Print-on-Demand Service, and Helps Communities

Covatar launches a print-on-demand service for safe gifting opportunities during these unprecedented times. COVID has made things difficult, so Covatar has made it easier for people to purchase and print high-quality, premium portraits for their friends, colleagues, and loved ones as unique personalized gifts. 

While customers are still able to purchase a digital portrait made by a professional artist, they can also now order customized souvenirs featuring this exclusive artwork. Available personalizable items include home decor such as holiday ornaments, pillows, wall canvases, and more, as well as clothing and accessories like t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs. And they keep adding new products to their list! 

During the past few months, Covatar has created more than 4000 portraits for customers around the world. They also offer portraits to businesses and have collaborated with dozens of company teams such as Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, CalTech, Protocol, and many others. 

It’s been the founders’ top priority to build a meaningful and socially responsible business from day one. While creating an excellent opportunity for artists to share their talent with the world, Covatar also donates $5 from each portrait to dozens of charities across the United States. To date, the company has donated more than $15,000.

Covatar was fairly successful earlier this year thanks to professional journalists and reporters from NPR, LA Times, KQED, etc. They were among the first customers and supporters of the project.

The company already offers more than 60 unique, high-quality styles: from realistic to cartoon to pixelated. Each picture is hand-drawn by a professional artist under the supervision of an experienced art director to ensure the best quality.

Going forward, Covatar will enable customers to obtain personalized art by adding new product options and actively expanding their artist base. On top of that, the company is actively working on establishing direct partnerships with nonprofits to support specific causes.

About Covatar 

Covatar is a managed marketplace that is bringing high-quality illustration options to millions of people around the world. The company gives regular consumers a simple way to purchase high-quality digital graphics hand-drawn by vetted professional artists. Covatar is utilizing its very own in-house creative framework and backs its design decisions with data and cutting edge technology in order to get the best market quality while making prices reasonable to consumers.

Covatar currently offers a wide range of professional artwork for different customer base segments: from individual and family to pets portraits and custom-made illustrations of houses and landscapes.

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Alex Yakovlev, CEO & Co-Founder

Source: Covatar