Cousin Pat aka Patrick Argiro is Giving Away Free Mental Health Therapy During COVID Crisis

Tampa, FL, September 08, 2021 –(–

Cousin Pat also aka Patrick Argiro is giving away free therapy to help during the COVID crisis. Cousin Pat understands that people are struggling right now and we are all family. People are scared. They are scared of COVID and they are scared of losing loved ones. They are also scared of being unemployed and not being able to pay their bills. Cousin Pat or Patrick Argiro, are the same, and he understands the pain and stress of COVID as he lost his father from COVID-19 on November 18, 2020.

Cousin Pat will be offering free 30 minute sessions as required. It can be longer depending on the type of issue and amount of Trauma involved.

Cousin Pat was named Pat after his grandfather, as was his older cousin, so they called him Pat and Patrick Argiro was called Cousin Pat.

Cousin Pat stated he can help with all issues and help individuals, couples and families.

Mr. Argiro said, “Cousin Pat is a philosophy. What is a cousin? It is family.” According to Cousin Pat, when he was a child his cousin was like his brother. Cousin Pat said, “Cousin Pat is not a building, it is a person. Family helps each other.”

Cousin Pat welcomes all people from all states to contact him for free therapy.

Please find Patrick Argiro aka Cousin Pat at or You can also follow him on Instagram @realcousinpat and on Twitter

Cousin Pat also would like you to learn life lessons on his YouTube Channel Cousin Pat Therapy and can listen to him on all Podcast Platforms The Cousin Pat Therapy Show.