CopperPet® Copper Infused to Be ‘RUFF’ on Odor

CopperPet, Inc. has created a bed for your dog that is both anti-odor and anti-microbial by infusing their soft Sherpa topper with copper. Copper’s natural ability to inhibit bacteria, and other microorganisms, from growing inside your dog’s bed preventing the bad odor to which most dog beds fall prey. The plush comfortable topper protects the bed from all the unwanted aromas your dog picks up throughout the day, while the luxurious memory foam contours to the body of your pet for lasting comfort. The copper-infused Sherpa topper makes for a durable, naturally odor free, and comfortable sleep surface for your four-legged friend.

Many scientific journals including The American Journal of Medicine and Applied and Environmental Microbiology have studied the biocidal effects of copper, even in low concentrations. It has been proven to inhibit the growth of mold, fungi, bacteria, and even the flu virus. By utilizing copper technology to infuse the Sherpa topper, the copper remains effective for the life of the product and will not wash or rub off, unlike other chemically applied topical applications. CopperPet® also shields moisture from penetrating the memory foam by using a waterproof membrane beneath the Sherpa topper, thus preventing mildew as well. These processes create a dog bed that remains naturally odor free while also benefitting the health of your pet and your home.

CopperPet® is not only concerned about the aroma of your home, but also the comfort of your pet and the ease of care needed in a dog bed. The CopperPet® dog bed is:

· Assembled in the USA

· Made from durable, long-lasting material

· Machine-washable

· Non-slip to prevent any movement of the bed

· Available in various sizes

The bed also has a 30-night trial, comes with free shipping/returns, and a one-year warranty.

About CopperPet, Inc.: CopperPet, Inc. is a pet product company based in Rogers, AR. Founded in 2018, it is committed to offering long-lasting products that help minimize the drawbacks to pet ownership. CopperPet, Inc. is committed to the welfare of all pets and donates 10% of all profits to animal shelters.

2021 New Products: CopperPet® is expanding their line to more new and exciting products in 2021. Visit for up-to-date information.

Source: CopperPet, Inc.