Computer Resources of America (CRA) Supports New York School with Remote Learning Rollout

CRA has partnered with a New York Charter School to successfully enable distance learning during the pandemic through comprehensive IT Services

As the pandemic intensified this past year, New York activated remote learning and closed schools for the majority of 2020, resulting in the need for comprehensive IT services. As learning is changing as we know it, it’s important to stay updated on the latest distance learning technology for staff and students, which for some schools, hasn’t been such an easy task. 

Schools across the state of New York have had to prepare for a drastic change in learning on very short notice, quickly providing electronic devices like laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks to all faculty and students. Schools and universities are also facing new challenges, like implementing new technology, network improvements, and security enhancements to allow for robust computing from home for staff. 

As most schools are now preparing to incorporate complex network security infrastructures and MDM management tools for their new systems, a little IT support from the experts can go quite a long way.

Computer Resources of America, a tech consulting company based in New York City, has helped teachers, students, and concerned parents overcome their challenges in such distressing times. With over 25 years of experience providing IT services to NYC based companies, CRA works as a Managed Service Provider with staff to help them implement and manage technology rollouts. 

In addition, the dedicated team at CRA can deploy GoCodes for inventory management and Jamf for Apple device management. 

While adhering to all safety precautions during the pandemic, the team can also implement new technology solutions that utilize GoGuardian to ensure online classes are secure. They can also build documentation to assist teachers and students with how to use the new devices and log into online classes, turnaround and implement solutions in a narrow delivery window, and provide new technology enhancements to facilitate more secure remote access for staff. 

About Computer Resources of America 

Striving to provide excellent IT solutions to countless students and teachers across New York, CRA offers cloud storage solutions, IT consulting, Managed IT, and IT staffing to educational institutions, government agencies, financial services companies, and non-profit organizations.

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