Company Creates Wristband to Quickly Identify Vaccination Status

Today, STRIPED MEANS VAXXED announced a wristband designed to become the universally recognized symbol for vaccination status. STRIPED MEANS VAXXED released the band so vaccinated individuals could visit stores, restaurants, and events maskless (when allowed). without feeling like they are being mistaken for being unvaccinated. 

STRIPED MEANS VAXXED founder, Eric Krinchin, created the band after feeling judged when not wearing a mask while also seeing several stories on internet forums discussing the politicized nature of vaccines and finding that many people continued to wear masks in public, even when not required, to avoid the perceived association with anti-vaccination groups. Krinchin believes masks are still essential when combating COVID-19 variants, but wants people to have a way to feel comfortable going maskless when and where it is safe to do so without feeling self-conscious. 

The STRIPED MEANS VAXXED wristbands are available immediately and go for $5 a piece. The band intentionally comes in just one color in order to make it as streamlined and consistent as possible. A shade of blue was chosen to convey calmness that hopefully comes as vaccination levels increase around the world. The stripe was inspired by the saying, “Earn Your Stripes”, signifying someone has done something that should be admired. A portion of each sale will go toward the fight against vaccine misinformation, as well as COVID-19 relief funds. 


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Eric Krinchin, please email