Community Experts Keep Companies Alive During Covid-19

Announcing Mastering Communities Summit, an international event on mastering communities and driving growth

Golan Ventures and IS-CL (International Startup Community Leaders) announced the Nov 17-19, 2020 Mastering Communities Summit, an international event dedicated to mastering communities and leveraging them to grow startups and businesses even during Covid-19. With a proven track record of global business success, both Golan Ventures and IS-CL have harnessed the power of growing businesses and networks even in challenging times. These two global leaders joined forces to create the Mastering Communities Summit’s to provide global professionals, innovators, and entrepreneurs with tools to continue to inspire, collaborate, and grow.

Golan Ventures, through its partnership with Homrun, has been helping Israeli startups accelerate growth in North America through a vast Jewish network. Also, through its Leap Program and network it has been helping professionals reinvent themselves, leap to leadership roles, or start their own businesses. “CareerLeap is all about getting massive results fast,” stated Ilana Golan of Golan Ventures and Career Leap.

IS-CL’s team knows from experience that startups have three main types of communities, internal communities (employees), external communities, and your ecosystem. Mike Silberg, Founding Partner of IS-CL shared, “In times of stress, like now, strategic partners may fail, but if you cultivate a community and your relationships with them, bringing significant value to your community, they will be there for you!”

At this year’s Mastering Communities Summit, IS-CL and Golan Ventures will provide concrete tools for building and cultivating robust communities and show ways to stay engaged and create meaningful connections that are critical especially now during COVID-19.

“The companies that have a great product but also employees, customers, and colleagues who believe in them and are engaged with them are the ones that will survive and thrive,” said Mike Silberg of IS-CL.

Today, Golan and IS-CL announce the opening of online registration from Mastering Communities Summit Nov. 17-19, 2020. CareerLeap graduates will be sharing a virtual stage together with key speakers such as Derek Andersen (Startup Grind), Hilla Ovil-Brenner (Techstars), and countless others.

“We want to thank Start-Up Nation Central and EIT Hub Israel for being our leading partner in this important effort to support startup and tech companies globally and empower them,” said Mike Silberg of IS-CL.

Mastering Communities Summit includes 1,000 professionals from over 50 countries, inspiring talks, round table discussions and masterclasses.

To learn more about the Mastering Communities Summit and register, visit Mastering Communities Summit.

Golan Ventures is the leader in growth strategies for individuals, teams, and companies. CareerLeap program, within Golan Ventures, is helping professionals leap their careers through a proven technique, expert guidance, and exclusive network. For more information visit

IS-CL Network is a global agency helping companies grow and exceed business goals by cultivating communities as part of the organizational strategy. This is their third global event and expected to be the biggest one yet.

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Source: Golan Ventures