Commercial Private Equity Now Provides Transaction Evaluation Within 24 Hours so Their Clients Can Close the Deal Within Days

Atlanta, GA, February 21, 2022 –(– Commercial Private Equity is a commercial hard money lender with over 75 years of experience in the private lending business. They’ve grown in popularity in recent years, providing clients hard money loans. Their three-tiered loan program has made it simple for their consumers to apply for hard money loans.

Finding financing has been challenging in the post-pandemic age, with banks making loan applications more complicated and increasing their conditions, making it difficult for individuals seeking immediate funding. Private hard money lenders have attempted to assist the general people by providing loans with the bare minimum of conditions and approving the loans in as few as 24 hours. They’ve created several loan packages to make obtaining hard money loans easier for customers.

Speaking about their fast and efficient services, a representative at the company said, “We aim to divert customers from standard financing to hard money loans with our quick financing solutions and three-level loan programs. The most important criteria for our loan programs is that our clients own a business property that we use as collateral for your hard money loans.

“Our quick approval of custom loan plans, together with the vast selection of specialized loans we offer, enable our clients the opportunity to choose the ideal loan with minimal criteria. Our clients benefit from our straightforward and efficient loan process, which allows them to obtain funding quickly.”

The private lenders offer five different types of specialized hard money loans, including workout, raw land, construction, bridge, and commercial hard money loans. They also offer blanket loans to clients looking to acquire multiple commercial properties. They accept a wide range of commercial properties as collateral for their loans, including offices, warehouses, golf courses, restaurants, and many more.

The firm’s senior partners ensure that their commercial loans have interest rates starting at 9.5%, a minimum loan amount of $1 million, and low LTV ratios ranging from 50 to 80%. Furthermore, their representatives investigate the client’s financial situation, assess their collateral, and establish terms that assure clients can make timely payments.

About the Company
Commercial Private Equity is a hard money lending firm with over 75 years of experience in the hard money loan marketplace. The company is known for its specialized hard money loans, quick approvals, and staunch loan programs. The company’s philosophy is to become a funding source with integrity, dedication, and speed. Their low-interest rates and low LTV ratios offer feasible loan terms and make for a client’s favorite.

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