Color Me Merry Coloring Books Releases Book for Halloween and Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Happy Christmas kid

A happy kid at Christmastime!

To relieve stress, at such a stressful period in history.

Color Me Merry, the coloring book resource for adults, is about to launch a number of new projects. The company has started an Indiegogo campaign to promote its adult coloring books. And, just in time for Halloween, artist David B. Smith has just completed a promotional coloring book that is being distributed via his Facebook page with an original Halloween theme called “Halloweendalas,” a Halloween-plus-mandala coloring experience. The adult coloring world will find Halloweendalas artsy and with wonderful detail.

Artist David B. Smith explains his inspiration, passion and vision for Color Me Merry, saying, “My experience as an artist started as a 7-year-old watching an artist sketching in charcoal on TV. He said something that really resonated with me, ‘Drawing was just a matter of simple lines.’ I got excited and knew I could do it too. I kept on drawing and a few years ago when adult coloring became a thing, I was in my happy place.”

He adds, “Adults turning to coloring books for relaxation really validated revisiting my favorite childhood pastime without feeling that I had to hide it. It was when COVID-19 hit that I decided to offer something to the adult coloring community, so I expanded the idea of the popular adult mandala coloring books to more of my own original creative hybrid idea. You see, there are a lot of adult coloring books featuring mandalas but I wanted to have something that really stood out. I chose some available mandala creation tools and now I am finding my ‘voice’ in the mandala world with my specific artistic vision.”

Smith has put a lot of effort into sharing art and art therapy at the same time. Coloring for relaxation has become a rewarding hobby for adults and children alike. Mental health professionals advocate for any activity that will slow down the mind and the blood pressure. Coloring reduces anxiety and aids people who need help in lifting their mood. The artist’s idea is to relieve stress at such a stressful point in history.

One of Smith’s ideas was to have pictures of lambs on top of mandala backgrounds. He did not want to do what everyone else was doing because he didn’t want to publish cookie cutter coloring books. So, he explored his originality and came up with “Lambdalas” for coloring artists who enjoy coloring not only lambs but also intricate Mandalas. Lambdalas includes 45 lambs on mandala images. Something different for “these different times.”

Coming up for the Christmas holidays, adult coloring artists can look forward to “A Merry Mandala Christmas Coloring Book,” and something new and different in the interactive artistic space, a “Merry Mandela Coloring Journal.” David offers a number of coloring and Sudoku books including, “Just Kitten,” a kitten coloring book for adults, “This is Your Brain on Sudoku – Easy, Volume 1,” This is Your Brain on Sudoku – Medium, Volume 1,” and “This is Your Brain on Sudoku – Hard, Volume 1.” Also now out is Volume 2 of the aforementioned Sudoku books.

David is offering a completely free digital version of “Lambdalas” on his website as a gift to his adult coloring artists looking for some stress relief.

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