Colleen Burns Shares Advice With Busy Moms on Tips on TV Blog

Colleen Burns, TV Personality and Author of “MOMARCHY: Why Moms Rule the World” Shares Ways for Surviving Motherhood in a Pandemic

Colleen Burns was a successful reporter and is a journalist, author, and TV producer, but now has another demanding job as the mother of six boys. Colleen reveals her family survival tips for fall and back to school during an exhausting pandemic and back to school season.


One way to save time is to avoid doing dishes! The new all in one tub from Progresso goes from pantry to table in just minutes. So whether at work, working from home or just busy with kids, Progresso Toppers provide an easy and delicious mealtime solution when needed most. The quality of Progresso is great, because they use the finest ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors. Now enjoy these soups with a satisfying crunch. Just microwave, stir and add the toppers! The best part, no dirty dishes! For more information, visit


Moms are always looking for quick easy solutions when their kids get the hangries. One recommendation, first stock up on hummus-it has protein and fiber and important vitamins. Sabra Hummus is a favorite and it is so easy to make delicious family-friendly recipes, like Hummus Flatbread Pizza with your favorite toppings, just spread hummus on flatbread then top with any favorite veggies, or leftovers. For something sweet, try the easy Chocolate Cinnamon Banana Toast with Sabra Dark Chocolate Dessert Dip and Spread. It tastes great and is plant-based, so mom can feel good about serving it. For more information, visit

My second tip-find smart food ideas, like Toufayan Smart Pockets. They are the only square pita bread on the market. They are pre-sliced and pre-split and so easy for parents to fill and kids to hold and handle so lunch is less messy. Just 100 calories per pocket and come is Original, Whole Wheat, Smart Carb, Organic Sprouted and Everything varieties. There is something for everyone. It is a really smart option for busy families this fall. For more information, visit

A clean home has taken on a whole new meaning this fall. It is not just about dirt, it is about germs. The ZeroG offers powerful dirt pick-up while also being the only vacuum that uses anti-microbial anti-viral SilverMicron bags, the same material as surgeons’ masks. This zero-gravity floating vacuum is a unique, high-tech, lightweight machine offering unrivaled cleaning from floors to ceiling fans, with technology that combats germs as cleaning. Right now, get $150 off, plus a free pack of SilverMicron bags with purchase, just visit  


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