ClinOne Adds Real-Time Webhooks to Its Already Industry-Leading API for Seamless Collaboration with Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)

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“ClinOne created our platform to integrate into existing clinical systems. We prioritized building our industry-leading API and today we took another leap forward by enhancing it with webhooks functionality our customers want to explore.” Rob Bohacs, Founder & Chief Solutions Officer, ClinOne

ClinOne, the patient relationship company for clinical trials, continues to prioritize collaboration and the interoperability of its true single platform by adding webhook functionality to its already industry-leading API. Webhooks allow pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations (CROs) to integrate data more efficiently, and in real time, from ClinOne solutions including eConsent, Uber Health, medication adherence, and virtual visits.

While not all clinical technology providers offer APIs for integrating into existing clinical systems (e.g. EDC or CTMS), the current industry standard requires CROs and pharma company sponsors to ping each solution on a regular basis to identify any new data or changes and then ingest them – which introduces data transfer quality risk, significant IT burden and inefficiency, and a delay to data review and analysis.

Webhooks, conversely, allow ClinOne solutions to notify partner systems immediately when there are new data and securely transmits them in real time, such as a new patient consenting into a trial or the current global medication compliance confirmation rates. And because all ClinOne solutions were built on the same true single platform, it is easier than ever for CROs and sponsors to bring essential technology into their own clinical trial ecosystem without changing user experience or expectations.

“If our industry’s inspirational response to the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the best things happen when we remove barriers to working together – with CROs, with sponsors, and even with competing technology providers,” said Rob Bohacs (LinkedIn), Founder and Chief Solutions Officer at ClinOne. “Even before then, we knew from the beginning when creating our platform that one key to sustained future value would be the ability to integrate seamlessly into existing clinical systems. So we prioritized building our industry-leading API, which few if any providers of our size have, and today we took a leap even further by enhancing it with webhooks functionality we know our customers are eager to explore.”

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