Clicks and Bricks Announces Interview with Leni Rivera, Founder of Workplace Experience

St. Louis, MO, January 13, 2022 –(–

Workplace Experience has never been more relevant than it is now, post-pandemic, everywhere in the world. Leni Rivera explains the difference in facilities management and workplace experience, and why she has been passionate about this for the last decade.

Should employees return to the office post-pandemic, or should employers adapt to the new standard and offer employees the option to be hybrid?

About Clicks and Bricks: Clicks and Bricks is a St. Louis-based podcast, hosted by Ken Cox, helping small to midsize companies showcase their products and services from all over the US. Ken is a forward-thinking, technology-driven business man. The podcast not only spotlights these growing companies but also seeks their advice about what pieces of technology have worked best for them.

About Leni Rivera: Leni has worked all over the world after her ten year acting career in New York. She has written a book of the same name, Workplace Experience to enlighten employers on the new standards expected in the work environment. People are no longer willing to stay in stagnant work spaces. Listen in to hear her discuss the changes in our workforce following the Great Resignation and the pre-pandemic poll taken that discovered 70% of Americans were disengaged and unhappy with their jobs. Leni will also be offering a free copy of her book, while supplies last.