Clearstep Health Unveils Smart Care Routing(TM) for Health Systems, Payers and Digital Health Vendors

Clearstep Health today unveiled Smart Care RoutingTM for health systems, payers and digital health vendors. Smart Care Routing uses AI chat to improve patient experience and engagement for healthcare organizations through virtual triage, digital clinical journey support, and automated patient services navigation.

Today, 36% of the U.S. adult population doesn’t have a preferred healthcare brand. At the same time, patients expect a fully integrated digital experience. It’s more critical than ever that healthcare organizations create memorable, connected patient experiences that build brand loyalty and long-term relationships. To do this well would require unlimited healthcare staffing and an incredibly high degree of accuracy. 

Clearstep’s Smart Care Routing allows patients to check symptoms, view care options, compare prices, and book care online, leveraging Dr. Barton Schmitt’s gold standard triage protocols. In multiple clinical accuracy studies, Clearstep has demonstrated a 95% triage accuracy in recommending users to accurate points of care. The company’s AI technology and award-winning design is intuitive for patients to use, understands free-text through NLP, and routes patients to the care they need in as few questions as possible. 

Currently used by leading health systems, payers, digital health providers and other partners including CVS, BayCare Health, HCA Health, Hartford HealthCare and Duly Health & Care, Clearstep’s Smart Care Routing includes: 

  • Virtual Triage: With Clearstep Virtual Triage, providers can increase the volume and appropriateness of patient care, driving higher revenue and reducing inefficient medical care up to 2x. Virtual Triage covers hundreds of chief complaints and provides patients with an on-demand, seamless path to the care and services they need – including behavioral health and specialty care – within a healthcare organization’s network. 
  • Patient Services: Clearstep Patient Services takes the burden off call centers by leveraging AI chat to automate non-clinical administrative requests such as prescription refills, bill pay, and finding a physician.
  • Clinical Journeys: Clearstep Clinical Journeys support patients between and after appointments by digitizing follow up and monitoring workflows. Sample workflows include follow-up for COVID-19 positive patients, virtual PCP monitoring, and care mapping for clinical journeys such as prenatal care.

In a recent customer deployment at an outpatient-only medical group, the company generated 10x ROI in the first four months, with the product being used 22,000 times to book 3,500 appointments to drive over $350,000 in booked outpatient revenue (one third from new patients). 

Clearstep Smart Care Routing is offered as a white-label digital asset embedded on customers’ web and mobile web assets or accessible by API. It can also be configured for additional, customer-specific, end-to-end patient services and clinical journeys to support any healthcare network. The solution is also interoperable with all major EMR systems.

“As patients ourselves, we’ve all experienced some degree of inefficient, confusing healthcare. We founded Clearstep out of a desire to revolutionize the way patients are able to find and access the right care while enabling healthcare organizations to better leverage advanced digital technologies. Our mission is simple: We believe healthcare should be easy. With Smart Care Routing, we’re striving to make it easy for people to access the most useful, clear next steps for health and care,” said Adeel Malik, CEO and co-founder, Clearstep Health. 

About Clearstep Health

Clearstep’s Smart Care Routing uses AI chat to improve patient experience and engagement for healthcare organizations, helping patients navigate virtual triage, clinical journeys, and administrative patient services. Our solution is used by leading health systems, payers, digital health providers and other partners including CVS, BayCare Health, HCA Health and Duly Health & Care, increasing patient loyalty by 4X, growing new patient revenue, and enabling partners to protect their bottom line. To learn more, visit 

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