City Chemical, LLC is Poised to Forge New Links to Remedy Supply Chain Crisis

City Chemical, LLC has moved quickly to get out in front of global supply chain shortages by building up their raw materials inventory. While large chemical companies have relied on City Chemical for materials used in their own formulations, City Chemical is now softening the blow for all would-be buyers by anticipating their needs. “We are on the verge of forging a new, major link in the supply chain,” explains City Chemical President, Peter Wolpert.

While the COVID 19 pandemic certainly accelerated supply chain issues across every imaginable industry, many of the issues recognized today actually existed long before. What has become accentuated is the realization that 1) another pandemic or other global crisis could make things worse, and 2) new thinking with viable real-world solutions must be implemented.

With over 70,000 chemical products utilized in 96% of goods for agriculture, construction, transportation, healthcare/medical, consumer goods and other industries, real-world solutions are needed now. In the heart of the pandemic, even common chemicals became difficult to source and many times, when they were available, they came with a bigger price tag. Another crisis of any kind, with an ensuing chaos, is inevitable. Next time it could be a grid takedown engineered by cyber criminals. Even if such a serious scenario does not occur, at the very lest, a breakdown of the communication link between supplier and user could extend response times even farther.

City Chemical has excelled, for over 100 years, at being a reliable source for high purity, hard-to-find chemicals such as 4-Chloro-3-nitrophenol, Aluminum fluoride, anhydrous, or DL-Iso-citric acid trisodium salt. President Wolpert explained: “We’re now concentrating on stocking beyond the common items. Our enhanced focus is to expand our inventories into the esoteric, with a goal of cutting delivery time by stocking chemicals that previously were made to order. That way we help our customers by minimizing their downtime and lowering production costs. If you can’t spell it or you can’t pronounce it – we have it. The rarer and harder it is to find, that’s the time to contact us.”

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Source: City Chemical LLC