Circa, a New PropTech Company, Responds to the White House Initiative to Reduce Evictions

On June 24, The White House announced a bold initiative to keep people in their homes. The White House press release coincided with an announcement from the CDC to extend the eviction moratorium one more month. The federal government is taking actions to help state and local government support renters and reduce evictions. 

Large private companies in the affordable housing industry, like Winn Properties, followed by announcing their “Housing Stability Program” after joining a statewide task force and examining their own practices. Most large affordable housing companies are interested in avoiding costly evictions and, since Covid-19, have entered into discussions with their residents in an effort to find a payment plan for past due rent.

Circa was ahead of the curve and built technology to support a growing need for new rent payment methods that strengthen communities. The Circa app (searchable in the app stores under “Circa Rent Payments”) has gained a following amongst residents because it combines payment flexibility, credit reporting, arrears payment plans, and friendly communications all in one convenient app. 

Circa customers are using the app to:

  • Coordinate flexible payments with Section 8 residents who receive partial rent payments from HUD.
  • Pay rent automatically through their checking account
  • Pay with cash
  • Make a last-minute payment schedule change
  • Switch to flexible payment schedules
  • Catch up by paying past due rent over time

Residents find the app simple to use. They love getting texts notifying them about upcoming payments and knowing that they have options.  

The properties are enthusiastic because problems that used to lead to lengthy phone calls and manual processes are now handled by Circa. Managers say that Circa makes them 30% more efficient.

Circa and the White House are aligned in their goal to mitigate the looming eviction tsunami.


Circa, a Bridgeport, CT, company, builds stronger communities by reducing evictions through payment innovation. Circa employs a transformative combination of payment flexibility, credit reporting, arrears planning, and more to improve a resident’s ability to pay and stay in their home, all while improving a property’s collections process and turnover rate. With the effects of Covid-19 settling in ($57.5B in rent arrears), the market is desperately looking for solutions to help residents get back on track and avoid a nationwide eviction process. Circa has the tools to support American renters now and into the future. Contact:

Source: Circa