CEOs Are Working With to Exhibit Confidence Amid COVID-19 Spikes and Election Uncertainty

The potential change of administrations on top of COVID-19’s continued impact on the economy creates a number of challenges for CEOs who must maintain confidence and cautious optimism.

The uncertainty surrounding the U.S. presidential election, in addition to COVID-19’s continued effects on the economy, creates a challenging environment for CEOs and business leaders who must show and maintain confidence under pressure., through easy and affordable press release distribution, helps leaders showcase newsworthy events and forward-thinking plans and initiatives that ease doubts about what future plans may be in store.

“Both investors and employees would feel comfortable knowing that no matter what situation arises, there’s a plan for it,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO at “Consistent press releases, marketing campaigns, and outward communications signal to the industry and consumers that the company is very much active and ready for continued business, no matter what the future holds.”

Growing clusters of COVID-19, along with the turbulence of a nearing presidential election, has several business implications for CEOs. Leaders must anticipate and adapt for potential situations, like the possibility of reduced operations or even closures, in order to maintain business and continue to generate revenue.

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