Cathy S. Birn’s New Book ‘Purges of the Soul’ is a Mesmerizing Collection of Flash Fiction About Love, Family, Courage, and Friendship Everyone Will Surely Enjoy

Fulton Books author Cathy S. Birn, a dedicated nurse from New York, a talented woman who uses creative arts to express herself, has completed her most recent book “Purges of the Soul: The Flash Fiction Chronicles: Allegories Inspired by Art”:  a fun and whimsical volume of Flash-Fiction-stories that can be devoured in a short period of time. Despite being a quick and playful read, it also challenges the readers to look beyond the surface of each story and unlock its hidden message. The author combines art and allegory, urging everyone to reconnect with their childhood innocence and dive deep into a world of fantasy and magic.

Birn shares, “Transport yourself to a world of imagination and wonder, a world in which magic is real and miracles are commonplace.

Born from a marriage of art and allegory, written as a celebration of love and friendship, every offering represents a unique interpretation of the artistic talent of a gifted individual.

Seek within for tales of the light and the dark, of courage and cowardice, of intense joy and profound sorrow, of audacious bravery and abject fear. No matter which one of the narratives incorporated within this anthology of flash fiction you choose to read, it will not fail to delight and entertain you.

A desert will brim with life once more. A mermaid will find her home. A nurse will meet her destiny. The world will end and begin anew. An ice sculpture will flourish in the desert, and a witch will find her familiar. A mortal will find love with a god while a cat will dance for love. A foolish young man will barter away his soul while another will gamble with the souls of many. A soldier will deny his heart, and a prince will prove himself to be heartless. Travel to the end of the world and cheer as a widow is reborn. Marvel at the heroism of a princess who helps her brother win back his throne and the perseverance of an unappreciated young boy who becomes the designer to a queen.

Sometimes funny and sometimes sad, whether the tale evokes laughter or tears, be prepared to enter a diverse landscape brimming with countless wonders, marvels, and delights.”

Half of the proceeds from the sale of the book are going to be donated to charity – it will be funding research on the treatment of PTSD in COVID affected front line medical personnel – doctors, nurses, and ancillary staff.

Readers who wish to experience this entertaining work, at the same time they support the people who supported them through very difficult times, can purchase “Purges of the Soul: The Flash Fiction Chronicles: Allegories Inspired by Art” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

Source: Fulton Books