Can Workplace Culture Be Saved Through Video Technology?

As the COVID crisis continues without an end in sight, are teams at risk of losing their connection and sense of shared purpose? Does virtual team building using video technology such as Zoom really work to create and maintain vibrant teams? The founders of Cream of the Crop Leaders, a research-based leadership development training organization and SHRM-HRCI provider, have set out to find the answers to these questions.

With the move toward remote workforces, a shift is happening in workplaces which has enormous ramifications for today’s global workplaces. Historically, strong workplace cultures were built upon the casual interactions that naturally occur in shared buildings. Passing another in the hallway, chatting in the conference room before colleagues arrive – these seemingly insignificant interactions are vital workforce relationship building blocks. Yet, post-COVID, with teams rarely in the same physical workspace, these natural relationship-building opportunities have largely disappeared.

Ironically, after initially yearning to telecommute, and now missing the camaraderie that occurs within a brick-and-mortar building, many employees now ache to return to a shared office space.

Cream of the Crop Leaders has long offered The Executive Presence Training onsite at companies’ locations. Since The Executive Presence Training depends upon collegial connection, this course creates a natural A/B test to examine whether video technology can create remote team building and the connection required for healthy workplace teams. Pre-COVID, participants in this leadership training were seated next to each other and supported one another while practicing tools to be commanding in high-pressure situations. The sense of connection among participants was palatable.

Co-founder Dan Messinger said, “Our goal is always the true transformation of leaders. Therefore, we were skeptical about facilitating The Executive Presence Training and other leadership webinars over Zoom. We wondered if it was possible to create the strong connection needed for transformation through remote leadership development platforms. Our recent observations taught us that transformation and virtual team building are entirely possible through virtual technology.”

Participant testimonials from the live virtual Executive Presence Trainings, conducted through Zoom, reflect this:

  • “If I could put this training into one phrase it would be: ‘Life-Altering.’” – Ali C.
  • “This training was so powerful and life changing.” – Nat V.
  • “I am transformed.” – Katie H.

So, while many of us lament the loss of a shared workspace, we can take respite in this: Use of video technology for remote leadership development is a powerful vehicle for creating team connection and transformation.

Cream of the Crop Leaders regularly offers many remote leadership development workshops with extraordinary results for teams and individuals.

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